Chinese pay statements

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by conco, Sep 7, 2007.

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  2. NO I AM A from Daga Daga and understand it

  1. This has probably been said before!!!!! Not being a complete mong (i hope) has anyone else decided that our new JPA pay statements are in Chinese or Daga Daga!
    I havent a clue what the H*ll i am paying out each month and what each and every deduction means!
    When you call JPA the nice ladies seem to think we understand everything they say about our pay statements! Do they? Is the JPA non- helpful centre in China or one of the Stans?
    Bring back a pay statement that we can understand and can see what we are having taken off of us each month!
    I have it worked out!! Its the MOD! They have a cunning plan to take money off of us to pay for new paper clips with stealth deductions from our pay!
    Come on one of you SPS would it be difficult to get back what worked?
  2. Fat chance - where in the JPA contract do you think it mentions "soldier readable pay statements". I would say that you appear to be making the common, if slightly paranoid, mistake of assuming malice where incompetence is a perfectly viable explanation.
  3. I wouldn't claim to being of a higher intelligence than many (any?) but the new statements are crystal clear to me. I have however sat with someone who understands them and had it explained to me first, but it's not rocket science. If you don't know, ask Unit Admin, one of their roles is making sense of the new lingo and helping us all to get over the cultural change (and if they don't know, they should find out, it is their job after all). When I first joined the old statement was swahili too... it's my pay so I made the effort to understand!
  4. I think you just made his point. They should have been devised with the recipient in mind not some effing clerk. They are supposed to be a 'communication', if he doesn't understand it without going on a course it has failed the first test.
  5. I am a memeber of the Special Pen Service and I dont know about other units but mine had all the info on the new pay statements weeks before they came about. I read and understood them myself then explained them to all the seniors in my sub unit.

    They actually are not difficult to understand, I think most people took one look at it and decided because it was different, and was proof of the switch over to JPA, they were met with closed rather open minds.

    However I will admit that I am at a loss to explain some of the things I see in the deductions and pay column, I know what they are, but why and how they got there is a big a mystery to me as the Mary Celeste.

    NPD. being the most obscure one of the lot, all I have managed to pry from some snot noised oik at JPAC is that it stands for Non Public Debt and that it used as some sort of code for "any thing the army feels like taking of you at the time".

    We used to get an NT over issue notice that explained exactly what the decuction was for, and could pass the info onto the soldier, know I have to shrug my shoulders and tell the soldier to raise a service request and I hate doing that.

    JPA in itself is not a bad thing and is a good system but the administrative support from JPAC is to be blunt rubbish

    If it is to work and work well more training and support must be given to the JPAC staff.
  6. This is what you have to live to expect, the MOD pays these people 'peanuts' and only a monkey would work for peanuts. If we were getting little over ten grand per anum, we would probably provide an equally sh1te service. Personally, I think the HRAs should have more control.

    Fortunately, to date my pay has not been cocked up............................

    The rise of the machines continue - next week SkyNet will rule the planet!
  7. Now you laugh but we do use the skynet sat system........
  8. Who mentioned courses? How many soldiers didn't understand the old statements at times without asking someone to explain? It's a step in the right direction, but like a lot of change out there most people hanker for what they are used to (unless it's really bad). Considering JPA is self-service I am quietly confident that they weren't just devised for some 'effing' clerk..maybe you would be happier with a pictorial statement, showing your wages like the pots of gold on a fruit machine? ;o)