Chinese Paras jump into quake zone

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, May 15, 2008.

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    This is the first of many such jumps due to happen over the next couple of days, across the regions cut off areas.

    The terrain is very rough indeed, rarely a flat bit for hundreds of miles, not a happy mission.

    Have Paratroopers been deployed in similar aid emergencies to anybody’s knowledge?
  2. The French 8°RPIMa did a jump on the wreckage of the UTA DC-10 flight 772 which had been destroyed over the Tibesti desert in Chad by a Libyan bomb back in September 1989.

    Horrendous job, having to pick up pieces of human flesh in the desert heat for several weeks...
  3. Saw the US PJs do some work in Alaska, many people owe their lives to them.
  4. PJs went places no-one else would after the big quake in San Francisco a few years back. Remember the double deck overpass that collapsed on itself? PJs crawled into the gap and tended to the people trapped in the cars within. Don't think they needed to parachute into California though.
  5. Good idea given the terrain out there.

    Can't see it working with our paras though. They'd jump in, kill everyone, dig in, get pished and wait for the relief troops to arrive.
  6. Glad we never had to fight these feckers - there is an awful lot of them and they seem to have all the kit
  7. Are those men actually special forces or has someone mis-translated?
  8. Apparently not. Mind you, the term does have different meanings around the world, though. They might be a sort of Pathfinder-minus/brigade reconnaissance type effort. Nice to see Top-Jock jumping first with the LZ recce party, though. :D
  9. Paras, Chinese or otherwise, jumping into areas where they are not sending their choppers sounds like desperation. Those of us who have jumped in Norway, etc, should be able to offer some advice ie dream on!
  10. I think they are pretty desperate. There's whole swathes of central and northern Sichuan where they still don't have a clue what the situation is. I think they just want to get eyes and radios into as much of the area as possible.
  11. My last sounds such a selfish thing to say :( The disaster befalling just one of the towns in China is awful; 8000 out of 10,000 dead in one city. 1200 + are children who were taking lessons in school. Very sad :(

    Sorry, folk.
  12. If they were, interesting to catch a glimpse. Was good to see No 2 Boss jump though he did seem to get a little over excited :)