Chinese nationals abducted in Iraq


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I see the intellectual giants in Iraq have seen fit to abduct some more cililians.
Once again they've chosen some Chinese gentlemen, perhaps not the smartest move as the Chinese government are normally quite peeved when their people are dragged into someone else's captivity.
The Peking headshed takes a very dim view of this and become more than a little vague when it comes to the Human Rights issues of those responsible.
But maybe they've swung back to the days of Korea when the 'needs' of the (very) many were put above the lives of (comparitively) few.
We'll know in next few days......

The BBC said:
Eight Chinese nationals have been abducted in Iraq, the Chinese embassy in Baghdad has said.

Iraqi insurgents released a video showing the men and said they were employed by a construction company working with US troops.

A group calling itself the Numan Brigade said it had abducted the men, who were shown holding their passports.

More than 120 foreigners have been taken hostage in Iraq since the US-led occupation began in 2003.

Two news agencies reported that the abductors were threatening to shoot their hostages within 48 hours unless Beijing "clarifies its role" in Iraq.

China was strongly opposed to the US-led war in Iraq.

But the Associated Press news agency said that the group's statement suggested the men could be freed, as long as they did not return to work for "occupation forces" in Iraq.

The workers were from Fujian province in south-eastern China and had been rebuilding an Iraqi plant, Xinhua said.

"Embassy diplomats said they were making all efforts to rescue the eight hostages," the agency reported.
So much for the 'protection' offered by their countrys opposition to the invasion!
I don't see the Chinese p*ssing about over getting their people back. Stand by for a lot of useful looking 'laundry workers' getting off the plane at Baghdad International
As with other hostages, IMHO better avoid any comments on this much-monitored site which might be misunderstood.

(thanks PTP, regards to tom)
i can't believe they've chickened out 8O
Not chickening out.

China wants to avoid the sizeable Muslim population in its Western Provinces from becoming 'put out'.

The next big war.........imho a possible 'Yellow Peril' V the mighty 'Faithfull'; in fact that would be the best scenario all round :wink:

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