Chinese military given right to attack Taiwan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Mar 15, 2005.

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    A bit worrying! 8O
  2. It is very frightening indeed..I have just finished reading Fatal Terrain and thought to myself, "a jolly romp but how likely is that to happen!!Tcha.."

    I hope that the secret EB-52 force is gearing up in its secret bases...
  3. I fear that the days of Taiwan may be numbered...
  4. Still, the local food will be nice when we get sent out there; though we may find ourselves feeling hungry thirty minutes after we've eaten.
  5. I'm inclined to doubt that anyone will be sent there (except quite a few Chinese). Western reaction will be limited to a call to boycott the 2008 Olympics, which will be widely ignored as it "mixes sport with politics"
  6. It's time Taiwan rejoined the fold. Sorry, but it is. The Communist old guard are not going to last forever, and the renegade province's best bet, is to change and influence from within.
  7. We've been waiting for this to happen for sooo long. China have just been looking for an excuse to snatch back all the treasures Chian Kai-shek managed to smuggle out of the country when he did a runner. Just how likely are we to get involved? I suspect, that even the US will roll-over on this one, there just doesnt seem to be enough in it, for "the west" to get involved.
  8. I wouldn't bet the farm on that idea; George W is on a mission from God and I don't think slant-eyed Commies are anywhere close to the top of his 'best pals' list.
  9. Better go buy a chinese phrase book
    How do you say
    'I want to surrender to the glorius people's republic'
    in chinese?
  10. Unfortunately CP is right. Will George W be willing to;

    1. Alienate the Chinese-American vote?
    2. Give up a rather large natural aircraft carrier off the coast of China, and a strategic point for the Spratleys?
  11. Considering that the USN has organised wargames in the immediate vicinity of taiwan which will include upt to 9 carrier groups, i think that W may well be serious about standing upto the godless ones! 8O :?

  12. None Of Our Business
  13. Since when has that stopped a power-hungry maniac on a mission from God...? :wink:
  14. Only if you happen to be Taiwanese.

    Not even Bliar would get us involved in this dust-up, but it would nice to add a few more Chinese Battle Honours to the Colours. We had 'Taku Forts' amongst others. Opium Wars and the Boxer Rebellion kept things busy in those days.
  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Not for long once W calls his poodle.