Chinese made frigate ready to set sail for Pakistan

The first of four F-22P frigates ordered by the Pakistani navy from China three years ago will be launched on Monday from a Shanghai shipyard.

The deal marks the navy's first purchase of a major fighting unit from China. In the past, it procured such military hardware from Western countries including Britain and France.

As well as the four frigates, the deal will include the transfer of Chinese naval shipbuilding technology to its neighbor, as the last vessel is expected to be finished at a shipyard in Karachi, Pakistan, in 2013, under an agreement signed in April 2005.

Anyone know how well these Chinese ships are rated?
I'm no naval expert, but I'd assume that the technology being transferred is not their best. Might be a benchmark at best for what PLAN can really put to sea?
armchair_jihad said:
Anyone know how well these Chinese ships are rated?
China probably has the capacity to build some good stuff (they'll just copy it from someone who has the good stuff).

But i can't see Pakistan acquiring the best - you get what you pay for.

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