Chinese laugh at RNs SDSR outcome

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by A2_Matelot, Nov 25, 2012.

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  1. A2_Matelot

    A2_Matelot LE Book Reviewer

    BBC News - China lands jet on first aircraft carrier

    Take one old carrier design and refurbish, take a Russian aircraft design and refurbish. Add some lateral thinking and a bit of effort, and in a few short months you start to develop a fledgling capability.

    We could learn some lessons here. :-(
  2. Ah but there's one error to your thinking.. we never learn our lessons :p
  3. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    as their manpower costs in the shipyards are probably a bowl of rice and a sound thrashing a day per man, they have a massive advantage in terms of labor costs. but yes, does make you wonder what BAE do with all the money they are given.

    edit - and the Sea Flanker is one good looking aircraft.
  4. I'd love to know what it's cost them to have "good enough" working carrier capability . . . . . and how much it's cost us NOT to have a state of the art, bells and whistles, (fitted for but not with aircraft) (or ships) capability gap.
  5. Looks state of the art maybe. Or will... Or not.
  6. If we had updated/converted existing vessels, at least we would have something. A bird in the hand.....
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  7. A Sea Flanker is not a Sea Harrer though...
  8. Nor is a ...a... What was it we replaced the SHARs with?
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  9. That's one sexy looking carrier though.
  10. I can't see any Chinese laughing, can you?

    So the Chinese have got an aircraft carrier, it's probably way over due anyway. Our own aircraft carrier is being assembled as we speak.

    The real test comes when it has to stay at sea for any length of time. Teething troubles always occur, so sea trials are necessary. The cheapness of the design and craftsmanship may be a decisive factor here. Cheap labour can often mean substandard quality. Time will tell.

    The timing of this is interesting, isn't it? China has territorial disputes with Japan, and now they have an aircraft carrier to try and enforce their presence in the South China seas. I wonder if Japan will buy their own aircraft carrier from the US?
  11. Isn't it a refitted Kuznetsov? Probably more hard data on the class than there is on the QEs in that case.

    And speaking of the QEs and cheap design...
  12. A2_Matelot

    A2_Matelot LE Book Reviewer

    I really don't want to re-open the debate, but simplistically we could have bought Super F-18s (4.5g) put them on a radically cheaper carrier design and been in the game years earlier leaving some money for our Land and Air forces to put to good use, but we didn't. The Chinese are taking that approach and I agree it could be more of a political statement as opposed to a capability statement but they've been looking at developing a blue water capability for a long time, if they can do this, developing the logistic and support capability will be a piece of cake.

    It just makes me wonder why we never learn. Hey ho.
  13. Not from here, no.

    If it needs repair, I'd imagine there are plenty of blokes to do the job!
  14. Is lateral thinking allowed?
  15. Lesson one. Bin British Aerospce