Chinese incursion to India: Hindi revenge?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Maalox, Apr 24, 2013.

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  1. Chinese incursion: India likely to send Army contingent to Daulat Beg Oldi sector - Times Of India

    Pakis and Indians are of the same genetic stock, & when they go mad they go really thanatoidal: the Muslim Pakis desperate to die for Allah & the 70 Virgins, and the Hindu Indians keen as curry to kill for Kali and yearning to be reincarnated as glowing radioactive worms!

    India has enough long range atomic missiles to take out all main Chinese cities if they preempted.

    Even though they are intelligent, Hindu Indians have a mindset of Shiva, of Karma, of Kama Sutra, of honour, of glory and of revenge for insult, that is totally alien to the Western mindset!

    Jus' what would it take for the extremist among the Indian leadership - the Brahma-worshippers, the ones with the orange dots on their foreheads, to preempt & make Peking & Shanghai glow in the dark?!

    13 yr old extremist hindu Indian girl with her terrifying hate speech at a VHP rally - YouTube

  2. Interesting story, thanks for posting it.

    The article says "The Chinese choppers entered the Indian airspace on April 21 and hovered over the area for quite sometime and returned after dropping some food cans, cigarette packets and notes written in their local language, official sources said today... "

    Assuming the notes were not written in Chinese, does this imply that the Chinese accept that Chumar is not part of China?
  3. There is no single Chinese spoken dialect mutually intelligible across China (Mandarin is the official language in name only). The Chinese will not give a toss what the language is on the ground.
  4. So the main issue is the Chinese are going to India and littering? Put some fucking rubbish bins out then.

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  5. Its a sort of hearts and lungs thing, clever really, they wouldn't find much in the way of minds there!

    European "raisin bombers" would now have to drop little parachute packets containing raisins marked "allergy warning, this packet of dried grapes, may well contain traces of dried grape"!
  6. For what it is worth, here is the local slant on the issue. I am surprised given the gravity that the Indian Government take, over any incursion of its 'space' that there isn't being more made of this.

    The local LI mob down the road were on standby, as indeed was the whole northern brigade, but little other than a few harsh words ensued. The Tent was removed along with the Chinky flag, and that was that. The Helicopter stunt has been put down as just that a stunt.

    The real problem is that none of the boarders around here are marked on the ground aside fron the major road movements [The Karakoram Pass for instance which has a battalions worth of Indian Troops permanently stationed their]. So which is whose territory is down to the aspirations of the country claiming it. Most of India are aware of the takeover of Tibet by the Chinks 50 odd years ago, and their is a certain amount of worry that parts of Northern India might fall the same way.

    However and given that China has a large stake in the Indian Economy including a couple of 'free' coal powered energy plants, most of the ex-pat brigade think that China has taken over India these days. Just getting a shed load of China made Motorbikes coming our way. Even though the Enfield Bullet is the most popular model in the country, these Chinese models are considerably cheaper.

    Anyway webby linky thing on the invasion story so far
    China sore with Indian bid to build infrastructure along LAC - The Times of India
  7. The Indians are already extracting a most dreadful revenge on China I believe, earth is apparently busy blogging them off the map!
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  8. Probably by annoying all the political commissars on CHARRSE with his drivel.

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  9. That's what caused the latest tremor in Sichuan. It was the impact of 40 million foreheads hitting desks at the same time
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  10. If I recall 1962 was an unmitigated disaster for the Indians because of their total lack of preparedness for battle in such cold at high altitude, too few feet on the ground, zilch logistic support and the incompetence and bluster of politicians and place-men generals. As usual, the poor bloody PBI carried the can - in spite of having those peerless and never-since-surpassed weapons the SMLE and the Bren. But where the Indian government went badly wrong was not to summon those steely-eyed (if you can see them behind the Ray-Bans) Dealers of Death; the RAF Regiment.
  11. Oh! lord ! couldn't have agreed more with you! :biggrin: