Chinese Herbalist shops, how safe are they???

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mad_Moriarty, Sep 21, 2006.

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  1. The local TV in the Southampton area decided to do an undercover sting on a Chinese herbalist store.

    Two of their other stores in Portsmouth & Basingstoke were also visited. The undercover reporters were given medicine after a five minute appointment and said herbalists did not check their medical history.

    The Southampton branch of Herbmedic was prosecuted in 2002 for selling remedies with 26 times the permitted legal limit of lead.
  2. I voted no. I might trrust one in China, but over here? Errr...No chance.

    I have heard that some of there products could cause you to fail a random piss test at work. Ie railways? Don't know anymore than that!
  3. Mad_Moriarty, I have reported your concerns to the Chinese Peoples Public Security Bureau, you will be able to voice your concerns about the honesty of Chinese Medical Practitioners when the Bureau opens its London HQ in 2018.

    They will contact you to arrange your interview time.
  4. Thank you armchair. Will i need to contact my counsel for any legal ramifications?? :wink:
  5. Lets just say, my local chinese restaurant (a large one with regional branches) was shut down recently by the Health and saftey dept for using pigeon and labbeling it 'chicken'.

    Needless to say, locals are keeping their pets under a close watch 8O :D
  6. There are some legit Chinese herbalists out there, but many of them [perhaps unwittingly] sell products that are adulterated with steroids, banned anti-inflammatories, benzos and 57 other varities of toxic crud. I would stay well away from any pre-packaged medications. Their herbs often contain liver poisons and their acupuncture needles are also a risk for HIV, hepatitis and plenty of other lurgies.
    Stay well away unless you know what you're doing.