Chinese grenade range woopsy

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bullet_catcher, Dec 27, 2011.

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  1. Good skills from the instructor. It's clearly not the first time that's happened.
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  2. A well designed pit, good drills by the range staff, but maybe some more dry training required before live lobbing next time :)
  3. Pity they can't tell the difference between a video and four still photos.

    Cancel that, browser locked up, working now.
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  4. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Think Gremlin mentioned something about a TV series called "Guns and Roses" quite a while ago (it may have sumoned one of the screaming mental cases of the year). BUT getting back on thread, the only bit I saw of it I think one of the cadets did similar.
  5. Awesome boomerang grenade.
  6. The range pit design is very clever, typically well thought out Chinese simplicity and effective functionality. No evidence of it though in the second eleven bowler. Well done the instructor. I'd have left the wally where he lay.
  7. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Want to bet that in the few seconds delay between the grenade going bang and the two squaddies standing up, some robust correctional measures were administered?
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  8. Are you suggesting a couple of training tickles were administered? :)
  9. Not being a corps bloke I can't claim to have been present but I did hear a yarn from a Sergeant at Warminster who got disciplined for kneeing a female AGC Pte in the tit after she made a hash of some grenade throwing. He claimed it was in an effort to pull her to safety and she claimed it was when he tried to knee her in the face and she moved.

    Anyone heard a similar tale from their mate Dave or might it actually be true?
  10. I remember this being posted on here a good while back. Over a year at least. Still, the instructor was thankfully switched on.
  11. Gentlemen meet your future ememy, possibly, probably...

    Joking aside, that instructor has defo done that before, the way the grenade popped back was a little unsettling, what did it hit as I couldn't make it out on the vid?
  12. The only thing I could say it 'hit' was air. It immediatly starts smoking (fuse burning I magine, but STBC) and then goes backwards... I think as he went to throw it he had a butterfingers moment and it fell backwards.

    Luckily in to the pit, but as previously mentioned. A jolly good design means if it goes in the pit all is well, especially if you are in the pit on the other side. But if it fell on to the floor, as long as you get in to the pit, again all is good. Or the instr punts it in to the pit.

    Likewise if it just falls down the wall you have a fair bit of cover.
  13. **** being a chinky instructor, almost as bad as training the Belgians! Hookey grenades are obviously shit, the pit design is good and we've seen that it works, would be a laugh after heavy rain though!
  14. I know it seems strange, but it looks like he's throwing it up against a painted wall and the grenade bounced back off the wall, perhaps it's some sort of hardcore live grenade cover training?