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Chinese General - Political Correctness


Book Reviewer

The second understanding: Don’t count on it that Imperial America will always make mistakes. Imperial America has a perfect correction mechanism, making it impossible to implement “political correctness”“ forever.

All presidents have their own governing ideas and methods, but their principles remain the same. One of the significant characteristics of Imperial America is that once a national strategy goes wrong, a new government will make a 180-degree change to it without hesitation, changing their policies faster than flipping a page in a book.

Seems this is one of the authors of "Unrestricted Warfare", the PLA's handbook on combatting America through all diplomatic, military, economic and cultural means. Written in 1999, the author was then a mere Colonel however he is basically saying that the policy has failed, or reached it's limits, if you read the entire article.

More interestingly the second most important point he highlights is that they cannot now maintain political correctness in the West in the face of the God Emperor Trump's assault upon it.

Now cucks and weirdos might want to reflect upon their adherence to political correctness, it's origins ( the Little Red Book) and why China's doctrinal author of warfare against the West sees it's demise as a strategic threat or failure. Moaists do like their useful idiots.

Meanwhile those nasty untermensch slavs have been oh so guilty of subverting our democracy, apparenly. Yet this Chinese general seems to be taking credit for it.

Also of note:

Nobody can dispute the fact that the CCP is collapsing and perishing.

Which given that the PLA is the only other realistic power structure within China... Seems Winnie the Pooh might not have as much control as we assume in the West.

So anyone else find it amusing that this Chinese puppetmaster is bemoaning that his useful idiots, feminists and cucks in particular, are becomming less influential?

I'm sure they will take the news gracefully...

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