Chinese Fighting Suit

Fondly remembered by those of us who can remember them (Not!), I'm after a few pieces of information so here's hoping the collective ARRSE memory can help:
  • What were they actually called? I assume it didn't have Chinese Fighting Suit on the label?
  • Does anyone have any pictures of them, either in use or otherwise?
  • When did they come into service?
What a cute little chap. What unit is he from then?
We got ours in NI in 82.
They were still issuing the jacket liner in the late 90s
I got issued the jacket liner and pants in 97, dont think I ever wore either though.
When we were issued them in 1978 we had to hand our quality tank suits in and got back a plastic overall and "tank suit liner" (which you now all know as the Chinese fighting suit) in exchange, plastic overalls were crap but the liner was good.
I still use the trousers under my breathable waders when fishing.

I think I have a sleevless version of the jaket in the loft somewhere.

I liked them.
barbour and others do a tailored civvy version always makes me laugh when I see people wearing them
Wore my sleeveless "liner, combat smock" a great deal on exercise (which frequently involved long hours slaving over an insufficiently hot radio). Still wear it occasionally, as it's light and warm.
Here is some photos of e-bay of the jacket liner.

$(KGrHqJ,!hQE459Sd(vMBO(Rb2YvEw~~60_12.jpg $(KGrHqR,!iIE4rFKI)kQBO(Rdsnte!~~60_12.jpg

$(KGrHqJ,!lQE5YyoCm0wBO(R,3KyJQ~~60_12.jpg $(KGrHqZ,!ioE4rqM6QsGBO(RcwZrRQ~~60_12.jpg
I think the "liner combat smock" and the chinese fighting suit jacket are 2 different items.

I got issued a liner in 76 when I joined but I dont think the chinese fighting suits came in till some time later.
I had a pair of the trousers too. With zips all the way up. Great kit, but looked very flammable.
I've got a Falklands parka with liner I could part with P.M if your interested, its gonna be a cold winter.
i can remember what a ******* nuisance they were in the pokey when kit had to be laid out folded A4!!!! took a bit of starch i can tell you!!!!
Think I've still got a full set in the loft. I think it must have shrunk up there in the last 15 years, because last time I looked it was too small.
I can remember being issued it and thinking what a piece of crap, I'll never wear that.

Some time later I went to Otterburn...........

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