Chinese Fighting Suit

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Bad CO, Sep 2, 2011.

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  1. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Fondly remembered by those of us who can remember them (Not!), I'm after a few pieces of information so here's hoping the collective ARRSE memory can help:
    • What were they actually called? I assume it didn't have Chinese Fighting Suit on the label?
    • Does anyone have any pictures of them, either in use or otherwise?
    • When did they come into service?
  2. This site reckons the official name was the Liner, Extreme Cold Weather, Jacket/Trousers. The sleeveless one was Liner, Combat Smock apparently.

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  3. What a cute little chap. What unit is he from then?
  4. We got ours in NI in 82.
  5. They were still issuing the jacket liner in the late 90s
  6. Still using mine (winter months) arctic parker mit liner nice.
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  7. I got issued the jacket liner and pants in 97, dont think I ever wore either though.
  8. When we were issued them in 1978 we had to hand our quality tank suits in and got back a plastic overall and "tank suit liner" (which you now all know as the Chinese fighting suit) in exchange, plastic overalls were crap but the liner was good.
  9. I still use the trousers under my breathable waders when fishing.

    I think I have a sleevless version of the jaket in the loft somewhere.

    I liked them.
  10. I've got a sleeved jacket that I wear in winter,I think its great
  11. barbour and others do a tailored civvy version always makes me laugh when I see people wearing them
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  12. Same. Brilliant on Drumackavall overnight in winter.

  13. Wore my sleeveless "liner, combat smock" a great deal on exercise (which frequently involved long hours slaving over an insufficiently hot radio). Still wear it occasionally, as it's light and warm.
  14. HHH

    HHH LE

    Here is some photos of e-bay of the jacket liner.

    $(KGrHqJ,!hQE459Sd(vMBO(Rb2YvEw~~60_12.jpg $(KGrHqR,!iIE4rFKI)kQBO(Rdsnte!~~60_12.jpg

    $(KGrHqJ,!lQE5YyoCm0wBO(R,3KyJQ~~60_12.jpg $(KGrHqZ,!ioE4rqM6QsGBO(RcwZrRQ~~60_12.jpg
  15. I think the "liner combat smock" and the chinese fighting suit jacket are 2 different items.

    I got issued a liner in 76 when I joined but I dont think the chinese fighting suits came in till some time later.