Chinese divorce law protects men's assets

A new Chinese divorce law protects the man's ownership of his house. It looks like it may protect the rights of parents who buy a house as a wedding gift for their children, but I can't quite figure that out from the article.
Seems like a good idea to me. It might also discourage foreigners from marrying Brits in order to get a house and some alimony (as if such a thing would ever happen).

Article on Chinasmack here
New Chinese Marriage Law Protects Men’s Assets, Angers Women – chinaSMACK

A brief quote to whet your appetites:
"Guide: “Whoever paid the down payment is whoever the house should belong to following a divorce”, “The other party has shall have no right to divide up a house purchased and given by one’s parents following marriage”… The publishing of the Supreme People’s Court’s judicial interpretation of the latest Marriage Law immediately ignited fierce arguments between men and women online. Many netizens believe the new Marriage law is “good news” for men, protecting their advantageous position in a marriage, and damaging the interests of the weaker party.

The new Marriage Law that “encourages completely ‘going Dutch‘” has also been made fun as “delighting real estate developers and pissing off mother-in-laws”. However, there are also netizens who believe that the new interpretation of the Marriage Law may change young people’s ideas on how to choose partners, going from preferring “wealthy second generation” [children of wealthy parents] to preferring mutually compatible “people with future potential”.


“Favors” men, protects the more powerful party

“How can the new Marriage Law be this harsh towards women? The male chauvinism is too serious!” Netizen Chen Di expressed her view through her microblog, and the number of netizens who shared her opinion were not the minority, with many female netizens believing “this sweeps aside the last obstacle against men being unfaithful” and “will cause the divorce rate to go up”. Netizen “Ling Mei” says: “I’ve always believe that there are more unfaithful men than women who cheat men out of their assets, and women devote more than men in the family. (The new Marriage Law) might as well add another article: Whoever the house belongs to is whoever should clean it!” Netizen “寞 香” was even more realistic and blunt: “What woman who doesn’t already have a house will now dare to give birth to a child? After giving birth, if the man cheats on her, wouldn’t she end up sleeping in the streets with her child!” The new Marriage Law has not only enraged women, some male netizens have also expressed “a lot of pressure”. Netizen Yuan Datuo believes: The new Marriage Law may actually lead to — if the house isn’t put under the woman’s name, the woman will refuse to get married, and as a result the man must pay an even higher price for marriage. “If you look at it from the other side, if the parents-in-law buy a house, then the son-in-law also won’t have a stake/claim, right?”
Am I the only one who thought it might mean protecting something else? Apparently SE Asian women have a habit of damaging other 'assets' if a relationship goes wrong.

Need it over here tbh.


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