Chinese Death Vans

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Now this is what I call good work. Your sentenced to death, walk outside, into the van, and done!!! What a novel concept. Wish we could do this here :-(

Typical have a chinese, then 20 min later you want another. :twisted:
Well the pros and cons of death sentence are well debated, but barbaric as it might be it makes sense in China. They have a huge population, if they had a prison population of a percentage similar to the UK then they would have millions behind bars. This costs way too much money. If they are dead, no need to imprison them or feed them etc. Also its a decent deterent, keep your nose clean or thats it, no appeal, no second chance, no 1/3rd off for pleading guilty or 1/3rd off for behaving in prison so you get released after 1/3rd of your original sentance... thats it, gone, dead, no more!
Would those foreign criminals who re offend in the UK after their first release have done so in their home contries, many of with have the death penalty? Would the guys who murdered John Monkton the city financier in his house in front of his kids have done that if they knew they were going to be shot or hung, as opposed to life, with a min of 25 years, so they will be free again in their late 50s or early 60s etc?
The yanks had the right idea, when they executed Timothy MacVeigh, the Oklahoma City Bomber, he won't bomb any one again!
Granted there are issues about a mis carriage of justice and no appeals and so on, but thats China's thing to worry about. I think they should bring back captial punishment to the UK, but the EU won't allow it, and also the Great British Parliament and legistlators are too soft to stand up to them and bring it back in to the legal system... So there is no decent deterent, and life sentance for those evil child abusers means 6 years... would they rape little children if they knew they would be hung?
Seems as though the Chinese government follows the same sort of logic as ours. Execute with a single bullet - recover cost of bullet from relatives, execute with injection at a cost of £63 - free on the NHS.
What a fantastic idea! Which tunes do they chime?

Is it the Death March or something more chipper?

Could we do something similar with a converted Mr Whippy van?

People queuing at the new 'Death Van'.
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