Chinese boot camp heaven

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bullet_catcher, Jun 9, 2010.

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  1. The Times reports that some inmates at a Chinese boot camp escaped. The regime involved getting up at 5 am, going to bed at 9.30 pm, 2 hours drill, and classes in calligraphy and traditional philosophy, as well as counselling. Unfortunately the World of Warcraft generation decided to turn it into an escape and evasion exercise instead. Their parents were not amused, as they had paid £1,830 for 6 months' treatment.

    report link

    Two things appealed to me here. First, if we make families pay for their relatives in prison, it could release funds to build more and better prisons. And second, some sad foreigners like me would be delighted to spend £1,830 for a full board six month course of Chinese language, calligraphy, and philosophy, with a wee march aboot singing patriotic songs every day as well.

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  2. Sounds a bit like a boarding school to me, and at £1830 for 6 months its jolly cheap as well!
  3. Can we all agree to stop calling it BOOT CAMP! :x
  4. No :D
  5. “ . . . £1,830 for 6 months' treatment”, does seem like a bargain to me.

    Why can we not “export” all our young offenders (and not so young offenders), for the duration of their sentence - to be incarcerated within the Chinese (penal) system?

    Seems like there could be a money saving opportunity here!

    8O :) :D
  6. that seems like a very good idea to me,it would also meen that they would learn a second or even a first language, no more problems ordering chinese food over the phone.Gets my vote :D
  7. You ought to suggest that to Dave as one of his budget cutting measures
  8. Shooting them is cheaper.
  9. I also [quite seriously] agree with the above. As we do not now have the colonies to send our rubbish to, it would have the same effect and would save millions in revenue.
  10. It ain't the Chinese penal system, it's a private venture more akin to the Priory Clinic for treating addictions. Families are happy to pay to have their kids 'cured' of internet addictions because their grades suffer if they're glued to online games day and night. No good grades = no good job = no happy retirement for parents.

    In most urban Chinese families, the parents retire in their mid-fifties (thereby freeing up jobs for the young 'uns!) but don't get to claim a state pension until at least their 70s - in most Provinces their 80s. The kids look after them in the interim in return for free child-care for grandlings. It doesn't always work out harmoniously, particularly for migrant workers, but it does make you think how our get-on-your-bike jack-bastardness compares.

  11. That's actually not a bad idea. I mean, you probably couldn't get away with making the families pay for criminals over 16 ("We must punish the criminals, not their families, et cetera et cetera.") but where the criminal himself has a continuing income, savings, saleable assets or whatever there's definitely mileage in forcing them to make a "contribution". The nursing home my grandad had to go into to slowly die from Parkinson's bled about 7k off him in his last two years of life, and that in Scotland where we supposedly have free personal care for the elderly, so it's not a principle without precedent in our septic isle.
  12. Fair comment, but the principle/suggestion still stands . . . .

    If it costs £1,830 for 6 months' treatment to stay at a Chinese version of the “Priory Clinic”, I was/am working on the asumption that the cost of a stay in a Chinese prison will be considerably less than even £1,830 for 6 months. :D
  13. Oy, I'll have you know that I was one of those who went to the colonies! We considered ourselves to be quite superior, dont you know! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. "If it costs £1,830 for 6 months' treatment” to stay at a Chinese version of the “Priory Clinic”, I was/am working on the asumption that the cost of a stay in a Chinese prison will be considerably less than even £1,830 for 6 months"

    Who cares what the cost is if the scrotes family are forced to pay it, can we make it liable for VAT too?
  15. That's what it costs a Chinese family because that's what the domestic market will support. I'd imagine, in the spirit of free enterprise, a special laowei price would apply.

    Of course, as an alternative we could - purely in the spirit of friendly international relations, you understand - offer to host a battalion or two of the People's Armed Police for Saturday night crowd control. :D