Chinese bikes - are they really THAT bad?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by PepperSeaDog, Jan 31, 2013.

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  1. Are they really as unreliable as everyone says? They seem pretty good value, but do you end up paying in the long run on repairs?
  2. Everything from china is poor quality IMHO, try to find a reliable electrolytic capacitor from China, they are a major cause of failure in all sorts of kit. They should stick to cheap plastic kids toys until they learn about quality control, PRC = Possibly Really Crap in my book.
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  3. Chinese bikes are often let down by the smaller components that the manufacturer of the bike has farmed out to the lowest bidder. Metal used on screws and bolts is often shocking whilst the main components can be pretty good but prone to failure due to the shit that holds it all together!
  4. One in three toys made in China contains heavy metals, report claims

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  5. because that way they wont be poisoning our kids or killing our young on dangerous machinery.

    they know exactly what they're doing. clever little sods.
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  6. Bloody commies.
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  7. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

  8. Your more likely to pay with your life shortly after the mounted costs of repairs have surpassed the cost of a brand new honda/yammie.
  9. Yes, the quality isn't good, but I've had one for about 4 years.

    It was a quarter of the price of a Vespa, no street cred, shit plastic panels, etc etc, but I'm back on 2 wheels, after a 20 year gap and I love it.

    The build seems to be antique jap, I think they sold them all the old blueprints.

    If it's all you can afford, that or the bus, go for it, just make sure the dealers also service the bike/ scooter.....
  10. Jinshen etc Honda Cub copies, engines crap out in a year and are only fit for scrap, not a problem, the engines only cost £100 new.
    Genuine Honda Cub engines are pretty much indestructible and last decades.
  11. Tried out a Chinese compact tractor and it was just as OOOH Matron said. Not bad kit let down by shoddy ancillaries and nuts and bolts.
    Most of the bikes look like cartoon copies of harley's anyway.
  12. Lots of lads I know who have decided to get a 125 for commuting/getting some experience on before going for a full licence. Being an avid biker (when the suns out) I'm usually first to be asked for advice. I ALWAYS tell them to save up a few quid and buy Japanese, or spend the cash they have on a 10 year old Yamaha DT, Kawasaki KDX or similar, rather than the same amount on a new or newish Chinese piece of shit. Those that haven't taken my advice have been on the road a maximum of 3 weeks before the piece of shit packs in or rots out from underneath them. Spares are a nightmare too, so getting one back on the road when its fucked is a bitch.
    Buy Japanese, AVOID Chinese like you'd avoid a charity fundraiser with a clipboard.
    And yes, I ride an Italian bike (Aprilia RSV Factory) and should have taken my own advice, been back to the dealers several times with electrickery issues, and the rear brake has never worked, but god I love the sound of a big twin with those Arrow cans!
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  13. REBECCA.....

    You're onle 3 miles away.......

    Give me your address and I'll pop over on my Lifan 125, with a huge dildo in the glove box.....
  14. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    china has a copy it cheaper mentality - you can take a yamaha into a certain factory and they will remake it for you a couple of k less.

    the problem is they try to make more money by shaving a bit of here and there so you end up with a different product to the one you agreed a price per unit on. there's 50,000 electric bikes in germany apparently which no longer meet their standards so cant be sold. china likes cash up front and rarely gives it back.

    if you're lucky you get one with a chinese honda engine in it so it will at least be reliable for a while, then you get the problems which make italian products seem like luxury items.

    you get sharp edges, thinner metal stampings, cheaper plastics even the wire insulation can be altered.

    there's a brilliant article somewhere on one of the paper sites about a guy who tried to get a new hybrid bike built but the engineers had no idea how to design anything so his money was just frittering away.

    the mini moto market was just about when china started to export like crazy, one of my local scooter shops had dozens of broken ones they couldn't get spares for and outside a few china made scooters for 700 quid - no way anyone could compete with that but they advised me not to stick my fingers anywhere as there was razor sharp edges all over it.

    one of my neighbours has a toy quad bike for his lad and it really is a bag of shit.

    if your lucky to get a factory who builds then copies piaggio or similar to their specs then you can get lucky and find a decent bike. for value though taiwan produces much better quality.