Chinese Armed Forces now only 2.3 million!!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by boris7, Jul 22, 2007.

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  1. It doesn't matter. A few passes by America's chariots of death and a poppy field spreads up next year on stalks of red.
  2. We don't even have that much 7.62mm link any more.....
  3. Hopefully one of the clever ones in government did maths and can work out the percentages before we start to age war on all those who upset the US.
    Weve got 100,000 blokes plus about another 40,000 available and you want us to show our muscles to
    2.3 million Chinese, Ruskies, Korea, Iran plus the middle East.

    Im shit at maths but Im sure that the percentages dont match up :?
  4. In Tommorow Never Dies, I think Jo Don Baker makes a joke about the impending British - Chinese war. Something along the lines of "Did you Brits never hear about Custer's Last Stand..."
  5. Plus at least 1.2 million in their reserves.

    A lot of them are still in 1970s-vintage vehicles and equipment and there's an immense amount of corruption in the promotion system, especially for senior officers. The PLA is a shadow of it's Korean War self and the Cultural Revolution didn't do it any favours, but as Stalin said, "Quantity has a quality all of its own."
  6. with 2 .5 million of them

    i wonder what way they do there personal numbers
  7. All I'll say about china is that it taught me that any government with "People's" in the name is to be regarded with suspicion.
  8. From Pub Landlord "The Chinese have put a man into space, they just stood on each others shoulders and passed him up"
  9. Don't forget, they're a card carrying member of the nuclear club (ICBMs and all). Also, they can export a hell of a lot of AKs, RPGs etc to your enemies just to make you uncomfortable.
  10. Now that is interesting. The Chinese have some pretty capable monitoring assets, perfectly capable of tracking commercial satellites. Either they're not too fussed who sees the thing, or someone in PLAN is going to join the 9mm Club. :D

  11. All good points well made, iron

    also see here for stats:
  12. The Chinese have an anti-satellite capability now. If push comes to shove, satellites can be destroyed - (GPS be gone).
  13. A large percentage of the Chinese army are employed as field hands and factory workers and never touch a weapon... so their numbers are misleading.