Chindits Tune Wanted

Good Morning,

A friend of mine is burying a Family Friend who was a Chindit.

He is after a tune to play at the funeral;

"Digressing to your recent history military knowledge, from the brief discussions the other day regarding The Chindits and Ammunition Box defences etc, do you know where I can find out the tune that the Chindits used to hum when meeting a patrol in the jungle. Apparently, if the other unit /patrol didn’t hum the tune back, they obviously were not British/ Indian or Ghurkha so were shot. The song is "One more river to cross" , which is strongly linked to many R.E. tunes and books on bridge building.

Does anyone know where I might be able to obtain a copy in a format he could play at the funeral to ensure the Old Soldier gets a proper and fitting send off.



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