Chindits - Private (later Sgt) Jack Berry of Salford

Alright fellas,

I was talking to one of the blokes at my lads footy match on Saturday, and we were discussing the next days parade.

He was telling me about his Uncle, who was a Chindit, Jack Berry. There was an article in the Daily Dispatch on 7th July 1943, which had a couple of pictures of Chindits. His uncle was in one of them along with a Sergeant Edward Whittaker of Ashton Under Lyne.

He's keen to know a bit more about his Uncle, either through literature or other media. Is anyone in ARRSE land a bit of an expert on the Chindits? I'd love to help this guy out, with colouring in the life of a relative who died in '44.

Any help greatly appreciated.


Talk to us.

Poppy Travel has been running pilgrimages to Burma for many years and we know quite a few Chindits. Piers Storie-Pugh, the Head of Poppy Travel interviewed Michael Calvert and has a real interest in the Foprgotten Army and Burma. I will see what I can find our - or who might be useful to talk to..

PS. If your chap is interested in going to the area of Burma where the Chindits fought, our next Chindit Pilgrimage is in Feb 08, local condiutions permitting.
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