Chindit Muleteers

My late Father in Law was a muleteer in the Chindits (1st Cameronians) and despite trawling the books and net, I've not been able to find many photos of mules and handlers. Anyone got any photos they can put on here, as I'd love to surprise Mrs Dundrillin with a pic of the father she lost at the age of 4.
No pics but my Grandad was on in Italy with the RASC the tale I've been told from my dad is that he had a very stubborn one and they disliked each other it comes to ahead one day and GD goes up to his troopie to tell him that the Mules had enough and decided to commit suicide by jumping over the eage of the cliff. troopie replied well Sgt Mac it must have been very thoughtful as it removed it's harness and supplies before jumping :D
OldRedCap said:
Google had no images but 11 items that fit. Mentions Cameronians. Maybe some images if you follow these? muleteers&fr2=tab-img
Thanks for this, but I've already tried Google, Yahoo, Allthe Net and the Chindits website. I was also chatting to the Chindit Association president at Shawbury last month and he couldn't help. I was just hoping that someone on here may have some pics tucked away at home.

Mule train in Burma.

Unloading a mule in Burma

Not Cameronians, though. The first pic is actually of yanks. The second is of the Staffordshires.

Have you approached the Imperial War Museum? (The second pic apparently originated from there, as did several of the pics on the Chindit's web-site).

Again, not Cameronians, but Royal Indian Army Service Corps in Burma. As your father-in law would have been part of 111 Infantry (Indian) Brigade, there may be a tenuous link here.

Another potential source of photos could be
The Thai Army still maintains a Mule Sqn just up the road from me.
Many animals where captured in shot outs with the troops of warlords who still smuggle drugs from over the Burmese border.

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