Chinas Night of Shame

This amused me greatly - schadenfreude is alive and well in Doctrinus Towers clearly:


A basketball game between China and visiting Puerto Rico that deteriorated into a mass brawl has been blasted as a "night of shame" for the host country.

The punches started to fly in Beijing after two Chinese players charged off the bench at the Puerto Rican player in the dying moments of a game that China was winning.

Within seconds, the brawling spread to the stands, where 3,000 home fans hurled insults and missiles, according to the China Daily.

The game was swiftly abandoned and the visiting Puerto Rican team fled to the locker room - one forced to take cover under a plastic chair.

Player Yi Jianlian was apparently fouled by Manuel Narvaez, outraging Chinese players Li Nan and Mo Ke, who started the fight.

The China Daily said: "Fists, plastic cups, water bottles and even a fan's shoe went flying during the fracas..."

The host nation's basketball association said the violence set a poor example just three years before Beijing hosts the summer Olympics.

Spokesman Li Jinsheng has been quoted as saying: "Such behaviour is very disgusting and leaves an extremely bad impression."

One fan said: "This is the ugliest scene I have ever experienced in my life.

"The Puerto Rico players have travelled more than 30 hours to come to China and they are our guests. As the host team, how can we treat them with such disdain?"
Well, you wouldn't want to be in 'Li Nan' or 'Mo Ke's shoes right now, would you? :D


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