China's military continues to grow, US warns

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by gladwda, Aug 26, 2011.

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  1. As if there isnt any American bases worldwide.

    America needs to focus more on its own huge build up.
  2. aye,and the price of a chinese take a ways gone up as well.
  3. I don't get the problem. China's economy is booming, it has become a true world power, with interests around the world, especially Africa. Why shouldn't it increase its military power?
  4. People always assume china are the big bad commies that want to take over the world, when in reality it seems that they are just being prudent in developing a suitable defensive strategy that suits their place as 1 of the worlds biggest economies, and population that is a sixth of the population of the world.
  5. Spoken by a democracy about a non-democratic entity .................. Big difference.
  6. It's worrisome because China, unlike the US, does not have a peaceful transition of power nor do the people have the power to influence their government, albeit, if even in a very small way.
  7. The problem is that it could well spark an arms race due in part to China's very unpleasant history with the other big players in their neighbourhood and the number of outstanding territorial claims they have against several countries ranging from a handful of rocks to potential oilfields worth billions.
  8. While China may be increasing its military power, I don't think its military ambitions extend too far past Asia. I think China is content to be the dominant military power of East and South East Asia. I can maybe see them forming some kind of limited overseas deployment capabilities to help back up their world wide interests, but for the most part they have done brilliantly expanding their business interests and bagging resources worldwide without needing to resort to military force.

    I think the USA's main fear is Chinese dominance of the South China sea. China has competing claims with a lot of US allies in the area (Philippines and Vietnam being the main ones), the area is very resource rich and its the worlds second busiest shipping lane(In particular, the vast majority of Japanese imports pass through the area. Japan and China aren't on the best terms and have some territorial disputes of their own)

    Potentially we could see China at some point in the future trying to rival Indian naval power in the Indian Ocean as well. It has already begun with its 'Ring of Pearls' strategy to surround India by funding ports in Burma, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Its the only major ocean that the USA doesn't directly border as well, with the only real US naval bases of note being those of the Persian/Arab Gulf and the British Indian Ocean territories (And the lease for that is coming to an end- although I wouldn't be surprised to see it extended)

    Central Asia is another potential flash point being a resource rich area as well, with a power struggle going on between China, Russia and the US, akin to the 'Great Game' between Britain and Russia in the 19th Century. Its something I think the US-led war in Afghanistan is related to.
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  9. Well the recently refitted carrier is more for training purposes then anything. Chinese pilots and sailors have next to no experience operating a carrier or the aircraft to fly from them, their new carrier will be useful in this respect. Its not designed for active use outside of training purposes.

    However, China is in the process of building four large indigenous carriers- the first one I believe is due in 2015. And thanks to this ex-Russian carrier, the PLN will have some expirience operating them.

    China isn't trying to match US naval power on a world wide scale- but on more of a local scale around the South China and East China Seas. Four carriers, coupled with China's other areas of naval expansion (Principally submarines and anti-ship missiles), may very well be enough to achieve that goal to a sufficient extent in which they can bully the surrounding countries in pursuit of their territorial claims.

    Its also worth pointing out that its in US Defence Officials best interests to play up the Chinese 'threat' as much as possible in order to retain or expand government funding for defence.
  10. Let's face it, with an army of 2.3 million the Chinese are a threat!
    The yanks have got there knickers in a twist because there not the big boys anymore!!
    Reckon we should practice our Chinese. Lucky I like spring rolls
  11. Whether the first Chinese aircraft carrier is really just for training or not remains to be seen. Might be a bit like the cases where military intervention is gradually ramped up begining with the discreet arrival of "instructors". There are certainly those who believe it might have a real operational role, and the reports that it has been renamed after the conqueror of Taiwan might be unsettling for some of those who live there.
  12. 2.3 million soldiers who are somewhat lacking in transport. Most of them travel on LPCs.
  13. We're about to see a peaceful transition of power next year, just as we did in 2002. With the exception of Jiang Zemin's promotion, all the transitions since Mao have been peaceful.