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FDI inflows into China rose 23.7 per cent to US$14.25 billion last month, according to data released by the Ministry of Commerce on Friday. The growth marked an acceleration from August when China’s FDI recorded year-on-year growth of 15 per cent.

That would seem to confirm what analysts said would happen. Money is moving to an active market.

The bigger question of how this was engineered, is what concerns most of the world outside China.

In terms of liability and the present rise in tension, quite apart from the creation/‘discovery’ and spread of COVID 19, that has debilitated global competition there is also the CCP’s extraordinary acceleration in creation of wealth and rise in military capability over a very short period of time.

It would appear in cyber terms a covert war started some time ago and has been ongoing ever since.

In the new world of cyberspace clear norms of acceptable behaviour and mechanisms to arbitrate disputes have not yet been established, and are long overdue.

In this intervening period, as in earlier centuries, pirates have had free run of the world’s cyber-seas and it would seem the CCP and its military teams have been remarkably successful in furthering its aims at world domination.

The CCP has indeed been probing with steel, encountering mush, and thrusting in deep. This perhaps belatedly recognised, hence the rapidly evaporating good will between the US and China.
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Isn't a good thing all those mega-wealthy institutions and individuals have random spunktrumpets on the internet to tell them where they're going wrong instead of merely having to rely on their proven expertise to decide their investments?
Meanwhile the CCP’s Belt Road Initiative continues winding it coils round ‘lucky’ new participants. China’s aggressive loans to the various governments of African countries and other emerging markets around the globe is all part of Xi Jinping’s Belt, Road Initiative (BRI) and the greater plan

The appetite for debt in Africa has always been voracious as governments launch hugely ambitious public works they believe will ensure growth. In recent years more and more of these massive projects are now funded by Chinese capital and built with Chinese expertise as China exploits Africa’s vast natural resources

Backed by credit from China African countries have spent hugely on prestige National projects from highways to ports and airports which have invariably been mired in official corruption. The BRI also exports China’s excess capacity of workers employed by, the CCP's state-owned enterprises who get sent abroad as Beijing gains more and more access to raw materials needed to fuel the Chinese economy.

China already holds about a third of Africa’s sovereign debt, and there are increasing concerns that many of these heavily indebted countries not only in Africa but around the globe are falling into the trap of China’s 'economic colonisation’ to the point where they can even covertly lose their sovereignty.

Although largely silent about global calls for debt relief China renegotiates and restructure debts to African countries... in their favour, particularly with those with significant exports such as oil, or can offer military bases with strategic value.

African finance ministers have together asked the international community for a $100 billion stimulus package, of which $44 billion would come from a freeze on servicing debt. They have also said an additional $50 billion may be needed in 2021.

But while African governments can negotiate around debt, and depending to who the debt is owed, even get cancellations, they generally have to borrow to repay the debt, and generally turn not to China but the IMF for rescue.

African governments do not publish the terms on which they borrow these funds from China, unlike the terms of loans made to African countries by the IMF, the World Bank and African Development Bank, all of whom are non-commercial institutions and routinely make these terms public.

This is becoming increasingly noticed by local populations. The local elite in power grow richer, but more and more control is noticeably going to China. Western colonisation has ceased in Africa but an Eastern colonisation is well under way, and Western lenders are getting increasingly unwilling to shoulder Africa’s Chinese debt.

Whilst the West was distracted by Iraq and Afghanistan and Iraq, and thought that state on state competition was a thing of the past, and counter intelligence resources were watered down, and manufacturing was seen as less fashionable than the service economy....

It was not only American politicians asleep at the wheel.

The Communists will happily watch us piss our treasure away.
And smile at the naiveté in those thinking that good relations were possible with with either a religion..or a doctrine, that ruthlessly aims for world domination at any cost.

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