Chinas foreign secret service is among the most aggressive

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Feb 12, 2008.

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  2. As is Russia's, according to your own source. Are you too modest to blow your own side's trumpet?
  3. In other news:

    China's bears "likely to sh1t in woods".
    Pope "Is: Catholic, is not: a chinese agent".
  4. No, his ODESSA membeship is valid for life
  5. Gents even Friends spy on Friends.
  6. There was an excellent R4 documentary about this a few months ago.
  7. China loves a bit of espionage...remember Farnborough about fifteen years ago? Very embarrassing indeed...
  8. Couldn't of put it more eloquently myself :wink:

    Every country that can do it, does do it.
  9. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Is the local Chinky now OOB :?

    Does "Made in China" mean "might contain bug - don't speak about stuff near your microwave" :?
  10. Which really begs the question, what are WE spying on inside Chinkland?

    Anything worth a buchas? Anything at all??!
  11. Yep, I can remember reading quite a few years back about how we'd go out of our way to recruit sources in organisations like the Banque de France and Bundesbank so that we could obtain advance warning of any possible changes in economic policy before they were publicly announced and act accordingly. Wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if we've carried on the tradition in places like the European Central Bank.
  12. At a guess? Their space programme, anti-satellite capability, deep-water navy (particular emphasis on submarines and amphibious assets), ballistic missile systems, air force, radar & ECM, military and military-applicable industries, ORBAT, doctrine, readiness, logistic capabilities and infrastructure.

    Oh, and we'd probably want to know about political intent, economic capacity and whether or not the recent bad weather will mean lots of starving Chinese eyeing up their neighbours' harvests.

    What's with constantly trying to make out PRC are just a bunch of backward peasants?
  13. Peasants? Who you call Peasants? Oh you no cly! :)

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  14. Still doesn't answer the question. Did you catch someone wanking in your Peking Duck once?
  15. Remove dickies from China's arrse, and move on :D

    You answered my question quite eloquently, and then fell aboot is if I was "wrong" to query what would could be gained by tasking some counter measures to their return to so called "cold war espionage levels"?


    Deny everything when caught, cold war tactics 101, or perhaps they think their crap no so stinky? But then again eight nobel peace laureates seem to want to beg to differ rather than simply kow tow, so who knows.