China's Expansion into Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by GeneralMalaise, Dec 27, 2011.

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  1. Having seen how wily the Chinese are at quietly expanding their commercial interests abroad I am not surprised to see this story in the BBC BBC News - China gets approval for Afghanistan oil exploration bid.

    The Chinese are adapt and proficient at easing their way into communities and countries, much like they have done throughout parts of Africa and, to a certain extent in Iraq. The latter part of the BBC report is especially interesting given a long term positive view of Afghanistan.
  2. The 'Middle Kingdom' is everywhere in the oil and extractive business. They benefit from zip 'elf-n-safety' and generally don't need to worry about the natives (they ship in Chinese labour).

    They have adopted Victorian attitudes - get on the ground, build roads, bury some fibre, mine the local resources until dry and stuff the environment in the process. Oh and whilst we are at it let's shoot all the endangered species (elephants - Ivory, Tigers - skins and dicks), eat every living animal with four legs with a back that faces the sun and leave behind China towns in every country for the MSS (MI6/5 equiv) to hide in.

    Global domination through soft power, leave the US to bankrupt themselves on shiny carrier battle groups and four car families drowning in debt.
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  3. Probably not quite as Mr. William Hague would express it, but 'riksavage' summary above is absolutely spot on. The Chinese are adept at building airfields, and where there is sea or navigable rivers, ports and harbours. All innocent and helpful to the 'local economy'; until lack of maintenance allows runways to crumble, ports to silt up and harbours to become inoperable.

    PS: We could do with a little common sense applied to our 'elf-n-safety' rules - Brussels imposed of course, and to our stupid 'Uman Rights legislation. A few Human Responsibilities laws would be welcome.
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  5. They will be students over here anyway. Millions of em!
  6. Judging by the apparent age of them, it'll mostly be students over here already. They'll be snapping up bargains to take home over Spring Festival assuming any of them can afford the fare.

    As to how it's cheaper to buy them here, there's an ongoing grumble about how non-Chinese companies apply a horrendous mark-up in their China market that they don't elsewhere - making the same product far more expensive to buy in the place where it's made. There's also the whole 'oyster fishermen can't afford to eat oysters' thing to take into account.
  7. Not before time. China is the only locale solution to that country. Exploit their resources, encourage their potential and squash them if they step out of line.
  8. All very well and good, but if your employer breached any 'elf n' safety rules which resulted in you're being injured, you'd be the first down the road looking for a blood sucking solicitor to sue your employer for damages on a 'no-win, no-fee' basis. After all, you're not going take the risk that you might be at fault yourself now, are you?

    Then again, you're probably not that sort of chap in real life. You're the salt of the 'erf sort of geezer, who'd sort 'imself aat wiv sum berufin an' a jellied eel rub and turn up for work on time the next day. 'ats orf t' ya!! 'elf n' safety rules...ah shit 'em!!
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