Chinas Execution Buses!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mad_Moriarty, Oct 5, 2006.

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  1. Only in China!!

    Link here

    Im sure Armchair_Jihad will not be reading about this in the Chinese dailys!!
  2. They could do with that bus to replace the one thats takes the Asbo gang to school round here, little charmers that they are.
  3. The capital punishment exists in many countries. Lethal injections are not something special. There are widely being used in some countiries. A Bus as a place for an execution? I suppose that for executed there is no difference where it happens. So executions somewhere in hospital would be better?
  4. For the Chinese Government certainly. The use of these buses has been linked to extracting human organs quickly so they can be sold on in a bussiness that is doing very well in China.
  5. Ohhh can we have one for Portsmouth please?

    And Plymouth?
  6. I'm not sure that the buses are better than hospitals for extracting organs. Moreover I'm sure that for extracting organs namely a well equipped hospital is the best place.
  7. Sergey,

    Have you actually seen a photo of one of these buses!. Well equipped they are!.
  8. I'm not sure buses in the Uk would be appropriate. They are dirty, covered in graffiti and old chewing gum and litter and crewed by immigrants. Oh come to think of it that's hospitals too so crack on, nae probs...
  9. Does it really matter if the buses are nice and clean. The normal method to dispatch prisoners in China seems to be a round to the back of the head!

    Whats wrong with selling the organs of the executed anyway. It will recoup the cost of having to buy the buses in the first place and would make use of something that the criminal has no further use for! :twisted:

    I wonder if we could export some of our prisoners for justice Chinese style - it would solve the prison overcrowding problem.
  10. The Chinese do not know the meaning of Justice!.

    For example, a guy gets arrested for rape and murder. He gets executed but the real killer confesses sometime later. No apology or compensation whatsoever to the family of the innocent individual. They didnt even clear his name!.
  11. Sorry I should have said "punishment Chinese style", in that we would be exporting criminals tried under our own judicial system.
  12. I am sure, in line with all countries that use the death penalty, in a given case your wealth, family and social connections have absolutely no bearing as to whether you get snuffed or not. I am sure that the son of a high ranking Party member who committed murder would be just as likely to get one in the back of the head as an illiterate rube just in from the boondocks who killed somebody in a drunken brawl after a Ma Jong game: that is why the death penalty is so good, and whyI for one cannot wait for the day when it is re-introduced into this country.
  13. And how many miscarriages of justice have happned in this country over the years, let me remind you :

    Sheila Bowler , Carol Hanson , Peter Fell , Birmingham Six, Rayan James, Bridgewater Four, Guildford Four, Judith Ward, M25 Three, Danny Macnamee, Patick Nicholls, Derek Bentley, Stefan Kiszko, Robert Haughton, Ashley King, Trevor Campbell, Kevin Callan, George Long, Johnny Kamara. The list gose on!
  14. ...adds new euphemistic value to the Conductor coming round to punch your ticket...

    "I'll have a return to Marble Ar..................."
  15. Yes, at the very least they could arrange for his resurrection and give him three years back rice allocation...