China to Unveil 52 New Weapon Systems on 1st October

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Sep 22, 2009.

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  1. At the very least it'd be nice if it gave voters over here the realisation that an armed forces are not optional and that defence spending is not an unnecessary expense.
  2. On paper, the technology looks good. They haven't had the chance to test it for real, although admittedly they do get to play with trials kit rather more thoroughly than our own weapons development programmes do mainly because the PLA owns the armaments industry.

    The big difference will be in training and doctrine. They're a world away from the West in that respect.

    Personally, I think a decent summary would be: anyone who wants to invade China needs their head examined and their funeral paid for; anyone who wants to get in the way of a China/Taiwan or China/Japan shooting match needs to be pretty sure of their footwork and prepared to take a black eye or two; anyone who wants to attack Chinese interests overseas would be on surer ground militarily but bankrupt a week later.
  3. My Bold

    No matter, we are bankrupt already. What have we got to loose?
  4. Carrots, where do you stand on the much-speculated upon development of a Chinese anti-ship IRBM?

    If it exists, surely a game-changer? Only navies with comprehensive ABM capabilites could operate anywhere near China or its allies?
  5. We're bumping along the bottom, but we don't have masses dropping dead of starvation in the street as of yet. That can still change - still be changed. All it takes is a failure to recognise our that true place in the world isn't where it used to be.
  6. It's the $1m question. There are all sorts of rumours floating about about them - their existence and capabilities. The PLAN main effort is to stop external interference in any conflict with ROC and these would be a big augmentation to their capability on top of decent attack subs with competent crews (see US carrier group embarrassment).

    My own personal opinion is that if they had something worth showing, they'd show it just as they did with their other kit. They're in the business of deterring (mainly the US and Japs) as they want any Sino-Chinese conflict, if I can put it that way, to be as bloodless as possible.

    There's always the chance that they'd be holding it back to retain the element of surprise, but to my mind that presupposes a) they see war with the US as fairly imminent or b) that they've not managed to introduce a second generation to allow them to herald the first.
  7. In the long run, as China grows richer and stronger, won't Taiwan ultimately join with the PRC as a 'special autonomous region' like Hong Kong? No sense in fighting about it - both sides are Chinese, after all.
  8. What ASW capability does the PLAN have? And can their new ASMs defeat current RN and USN CIWS?

    In any future war the side allied to the USA is likely to have the reconnaissance advantage, both through satellites and UAVs and also through AWACs keeping tabs on vast tracts of sky. Used correctly that's a war-winning advantage.
  9. If they truely have perfected the Anti Ship Ballistic Missile... then yes they can.

    Worse a direct hit is likely to toast a US Carrier, let alone any of the fishing boats that we call carriers, LPDs, LPHs, etc.

    This obviously doesn't take into account a Stealth attack on their launchers by B2/F117s once found by the above mentioned recce advantage.
  10. It's not outside the realms of possibility, the main seperatist party, the DPP, has been handed a splendid series of lickings in the polls in recent years and is left making mischief around the fringes of government - sniping over the handling of Typhoon Morakot and stirring up anti-mainland sentiment over the screening of that Rebiya Kadeer film. I'm going to Taiwan for the first time in nearly 4 years at the end of October, so it'll be a good opportunity for me to gauge public opinion.

    At the moment, I think there's every chance we'll see some sort of 'understanding' in the next decade or so as Beijing loses the ideological edge and starts being more pragmatic. The ROC constitution still lays claim to the territory inherited from the Qing Empire so you could say that from Taipei's view the PRC is 20-odd renegade provinces and a reconciliation long overdue. The last 50 years has been more a disagreement over who should run all of China, not whether there should be more than one China.

    It was quite instructive how much government aid flowed across the Straits after both the Wenchuan earthquake and Morakot, but more so the amount of public donation. Blood seems to be very much thicker than water.
  11. The PRCs EW capabilities are thought to be fairly credible and we saw a demonstration of their ability to shoot down low-orbit comms satellites a few years ago. There's also rumblings that they've invested heavily in anti-satellite satellites for higher-orbit reconnaisance birds.

    It's not something that couldn't be overcome, but a war with PRC wouldn't be like going up against 'Iraq with greater numbers'. I doubt it's something any sane person would seriously contemplate. I bloody hope not.