China to the rescue????

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jvb1988, Jun 26, 2011.

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  1. In todays news, apparently China is set to bail out the Eurozone and most specifically Greece.

    Eurozone relief as China pledges debt bailout - Telegraph

    I'll be honest I didn't see it coming probably because I don't know massive amounts of the politics behind this but I can understand some of the reasons why China has done it.

    Whats peoples opinion of this Chinese bailout, Is Beijing trying to increase the net of influenece or is it genuinly trying to open doors and become bezzers with the west?

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  2. I think China has a lot of money tied up in the Euro does it not?
    Presumably China will lose a whole bif heap of money if the Euro goes tits up?
  3. What are the chances of China or Russia attempting to aquire a Greek port for one of their fleets?

    "Give us a place to park our ships for the next hundred years Stavros; we'll bail you out of this financial crisis, redevelop the whole port and our sailors and dependents will put loads of money into your local economy. We'll also protect you from those nasty Turks..."

    Bearing in mind that Russia already tried to negotiate the use of a Syrian port.
  4. The Chinese are picking up where the bankers are unwilling or unable to invest. This is just the same deal on a national level. The Chinese dont want to be "the workshop of the world" they want to own capital and big business instead of being subbed out to them.Basicly they want to box clever as well as hard.
  5. Well they have the funds to back it up don't they I heard they bailed out some American institutes as well. Someone said that if they are bailing out Europe and American they can hardley be criticized.

    Maybe Greece will finally turn red ( but at least it won't be in the red)
  6. I can seriously see the next big war coming from this direction.
  7. The chinks are dumping US bonds.
    China Has Divested 97 Percent of Its Holdings in U.S. Treasury Bills |
  8. I think the Chinese will push the economic agenda before they try military conquest. I was watching a program the other day which stated that actually Chinas economical might is actually quite inflexible and are still limited to mostly lower end quality goods.
  9. The Chinese don't make a lot of stupid mistakes, and they play the long game. If they are going to bail out Greece, you can be sure they expect a damn good return on their investment sometime in the future.

    Fair play to them; I wish the UK could still play at that level, but the Good Old Days are gone forever.
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  10. well yes, but as the west gets poorer we will buy more cheapy stuff not less. Also, do you think the Chinese want to be seen as cheap and nasty ? of course not, they want brand image etc and the mark of quality... which is why their investors are buying out western firms, more for the marketing than the production I suspect.

    As Werewolf has said they are in it for the long game... ie whats true today wont be for tommorrow.
  11. The yellow peril is back,,,Sax Rohmer warned us all, Fu Manchu will never die.
  12. The coolie has the whip now.
  13. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Remember reading a few months back that Chinese firms had been making enquireies about buying at least one, possibly several Greek deep water ports (the western end of there "String of Pearls"?) but things had been suspiciously quiet ever since. As the majority of Greek deepwater ports are state owned I believe (and therefore unionised like British industry was in the 1970s) I suspect the aquisition was being blocked, delayed and kicked round in circles. If the chinese are using the sovereign debt crisis to further their own long-term strategic/ecconomic goals then fair credit to them for having the ruthlessness and foresight to see it through.

  14. True but what implications will thing growth and demand have in China as well? Will an increase in consumer demand and global awarness through trade links have political implications for the Chinese government? I'm not saying it will, just want opinions.
  15. Even Mrs Jagman has noticed the profusion of adverts for "designed and engineered" in Britain products, everbody knows that it really means the product is made in China from shite!
    Doesn't matter how well designed something is when its manufactured from very poor quality materials and of very poor build quality.