China Sends More Signals On Afghanistan

October 30, 2009

China Sends More Signals On Afghanistan

By Steve Hynd

At the start of the month, the deputy general of the China Council for National Security Policy Studies, Li Qinggong, set out his plan for an American exit route from Afghanistan in the English-language China Daily. In an article that, according to former Indian ambassador M. K. Bhadrakumar, should "receive careful attention", Li Quingong suggested that the U.S. should withdraw completely, to be replaced by a UNSC-backed reconciliation and peacekeeping presence.

Since then, the Afghan Taliban have indicated that they'd be accomodating to something along those lines - and I wrote that there are potential merits for all concerned in such a solution. The devil, as usual, would be in the details - but the overall schema isn't an absurd one on the face of it.

Yesterday, Li Quinggong published another op-ed, likewise in the government mouthpiece China Daily. Entitled Taking High Road To Kabul, it suggests:

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