China seeks good-looking sailors!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by thegimp, May 12, 2006.

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  1. If you're ugly, short or rude, your career prospects in the Chinese navy don't look like plain sailing.

    Thank fcuk I joined the REME then.
  2. I suppose two wongs don't make a white.
  3. Handsome sairors, eh?
  4. Broody light
  5. not as good lookin as were us cavawy types 8)
  6. That is a really dumb policy :roll: it will affect operational effectivness no doubt.
  7. How do you tell the good-looking ones? They all look the same to me.
  8. "Minimum height requirements will be 1.7m for men and 1.65m for women."

    Thats relatively tall for women - even over here! How are they going to get enough people who are actually any good and meet all those stupid criteria?

  9. It's obviously about Chinese Navy PR, the handsome ones get to work on the boats, the ugry brokes work on the subs.
  10. Still, better than going off and getting a retail job in the shiddy.
  11. Even if it is a stupid criteria they do have over a billion people to choose from. That should give enough people above average height to fill their tin-pot navy.
  12. At least they have 1.3bn people to chose from the thier navy is small enough for them to get picky