China rewrites history of Korean War

This is going to be very significant, it would seem that the current lot in Beijing have had enough of this inherited relationship.

On the 60th anniversary of the Korean War, China has finally rewritten its history of how the conflict began to point the finger of responsibility at North Korea.

The official Chinese media stated for the first time that it was North Korea that dealt the first blow. In a special report, Xinhua's International Affairs journal said: "On June 25, 1950, the North Korean army marched over 38th Parallel and started the attack. Three days later, Seoul fell."
Everything happens pretty slowly with Chinese policy so I wouldn't expect any major change with Pyongyang any day soon. You never know hat will happen next but it did seem that China might lose its patience one day.

I doubt we're going to see a complete washing of the hands, but there's no doubt that China's Korea policy has changed radically over the past few years. Economic ties with the south have played a significant part as has the resurgence of traditional Chinese pragmatism in politics, but DPRK have done a great deal to piss on Beijing's cornflakes too and the PRC leadership are not in the slightest bit amused.

Kim went to Beijing for a 'fraternal' visit earlier in the year - basically a begging session for food and financial aid - but left after only a few days. I suspect he'd been told exactly where he stood regardless of public pronouncements.
Smartascarrots is right, I don't think we can discount the outright sillyness of DPRK in regards to Chinese aid - from stealing the rolling stock, locomotives and holding the Chinese crews hostage in return for more aid. China is nothing but pragmatic when it comes to business, if they can't even maintain links without getting pissed on then broader ideological and foreign policy pressures will gain momentum within the rationalist PRC government.

Examples of sillyness:

1800 freight cars? Thats got to directly impact total chinese freight capacity at a district level, if only by a tiny percentage, one does not want to imagine the panic setting in as state mandated command economics slips away from the district controllers...

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