China ready to attack Taiwan

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Devil_Dog, Sep 17, 2005.

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  1. Rumour has it China is positioning its military for a blitzkrieg against Taiwan possibly in the next 90 days.Taiwans chief of general staff is in Washington on an unannounced visit.This according to anonymous sources.
  2. I hope not - I don't want to be covering our Taipei office's business as well as all the other crap I'm lumbered with!
  3. Hard to see how it will succeed. Communist China currently has neither the airlift or sealift capacity to carry out a full scale DDay type invasion. Not only that the US would step in to protect Taiwan, maybe T6 will confirm this, but isnt a Carrier Battle Group, more or less, permanently based, or on station, in the Western Pacific?

    Where did these "Anonymous sources" come from? You must have picked it up from somewhere.
  4. I hope it's true. I hope the Slanties try it. Coz I'd just leeeerv to see how the Septics react!

  5. Bugsy,

    I really do hope you were rat-arrsed & incapable of rational thought when you posted that comment... only viable explanation for such gross stupidity :!:

  6. I wonder if that Peace Mission 2005 was buildup training then.
  7. Sounds like sabre rattling by the Chinese. I dont think they will want to arrse up their current trend towards western culture in that the vast majority of their export trade goes to the west.
  8. Typical iam off to china and Taiwan soon on course, if this happens i bet they get cancelled!

    Selfish B'tards
  9. Er.. is this news? When haven't the Red Chinese been preparing to liberate their downtrodden proletarian brethren across the water?
  10. I'm not a fervent China-watcher, but did nobody else notice the major drama with Chinese textile imports to Europe. Textiles constitute a sizeable proportion of their total exports, and Europe is one of their largest markets. Given that their economic growth rate has been has been very stable for the last ten or so years, all the government's economic plans are based on this continued growth rate. The huge backlog of delayed payment resulting from Europe's textile blockade could well have had a serious impact on their economic growth in this financial year. Since they have been forced to accept a markedly reduced textile quota for next year, the economic impact has probably seriously upset their plans.

    To use an analogy, you buy a house on a fairly inflexible mortgage policy. This is a major long-term financial commitment, but you made the commitment based on your predicted long term financial circumstances which seemed stable. Suddenly you only receive half your salary one month, and payment for the next 18 months is going to be reduced by £200 pm. Suddenly your monthly balance sheet is in tatters, because you have struggled to make last months salary cover for this month, and you'll be struggling for the next 18 months to sort it out. What would you do? Go and do a bit of sabre rattling to try and make a point/get help anywhere you could find it? You betcha. Make sure the missus saw you doing everything you could to try and sort it/get help so she could still have the nice little things in life? You betcha.

    This is exactly what the Chinese govt are doing. But on a bigger scale, obviously.
  11. The BBC World Service TV showed some internal riots in China yesterday.
    They stated that riots had happened in Half a dozen locations which they named and showed on a map.
    Most if not all where in the wester economic zone where trade and industry are booming.
    Officals, local and central Governmnt where confiscating land from farmers to enable 'new projects' to start up.
    China has many internal problems and senior military officers control massive industries, textiles being one.
    Tiawan is the rallying cry for the Party.
    I doubt it will come to a shooting match, for too much Tiawanese Industry is also locate in Mainland China and altho they are two states seperated by water both are by nature born Capitalists.
  12. Can't see it. Chinese are too busy making money, setting up the next Olympics and indulging in quaint Chinese traditions; eating dogs, torturing bears etc.

    Most likely just sabre-rattling.
  13. Logic would suggest that thjis is no more than sabre rattling but then this is China and their logic is different. Certainly they hate this situation of Taiwan which frustrates them immeasurably. Silly really. Give them another 10 years and they will be the biggest, strongest global super-power so why stall that for a poxy little island?