China raises defence spending by 18%

Apologies if this has been posted before, but just chanced across this on the BBC website:

Of course, this increase may have more to do with ensuring internal stability rather than indicating a more active world wide role for the military, but, given China's increasing fondness for Africa of late, that can't be ruled out.

While I realise that the level of spending is below US levels (as the BBC make much of), I daresay the amount spent on PLA MQs (if such a thing exists) doesn't take much out of the budget.

Now, should we be learning Madarin or Cantonese?
Which is the official language of the Chinese forces - I can see something of a problem if a radio op at one end speaks only cantonese and the op at the other manderin :D
So that's what that £105 million was used for that Gordon Broon dished out to the fastest growing economy in the world...

Probably funded one of there range days!!!

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