China plans to send troops into North Korea

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Jan 9, 2008.

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  1. Some good news...

    In full
  2. According to a report by two washington think tanks... big deal. I'll believe it if it happens.

  3. I'll dig myself a Fall out shelter if it happens.
  4. And why not? North Korea has always been inside the China's sphere of influence. The only problem is that they will probably be tempted to finish the job and go all the way down the peninsula.
  5. Lets be brutally honest. If they do it, its one less tour for us in the next 20 years!
  6. Not as unlikely as you'd imagine, the Chinese have always seen NK as a buffer against the US and a growing SK, what they would not want to see is a NK swallowed up by SK, with it's nukes (yes the economic fallout would be great, but I'm sure the US would have some petty cash laying around), it's handy having the slightly crazy boy's in the neighbourhood as a distraction. they always thought they had NK on a leash to be let loose when needed, anyway, they'd move in, and install a friendly puppet government and prop it up.
  7. This could be a good thing.

    If North Korea starts to implode,the outcome could be very nasty.Dear Leader or some other lunatic firing rockets(with or without nukes) at Japan,or mounting an invasion of the south may kick off WW3.

    South Korea trades with China,and is one of their major trading partners.

    China doesn't want rouge states ruining it's fast expanding trade with South Korea,Japan or other countries.

    A ever increasing number of asylum seekers from North Korea are entering China these days.This is how the end of East Germany started,with ever increasing numbers of it's citizens escaping to other nations.

    The final collapse of North Korea may not be far off.
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    If China goes hoofing into NK, then nobody will be particularly concerned I think, least of all in the West. China knows that it would be a massive own-goal globally if it had any ideas about visiting SK - they are well and truly part of the global marketplace these days, and if the invade SK, they'll be up against the West, and the first thing that will happen is the tremendous inflow of capital from the West will stop dead, and so will China's economic progress. It's China's golden boys who are running the financial upsurge in China - and they won't let the gravy train hit the buffers easily.

    The West would not seek to invade NK (after the last little episode), and in NK tried to invade the South, the the West would halt them. It would be clear to China that the West doesn't want to go further North than necessary, again, because of the global marketplace - it suits neither China nor the West to stop the gravy train.
  9. And? It would probably lead to a massive jump in the standard of living, as in the people wouldn't be starving to death.

    Medium to long term with the cost of living and wages being so ridiculously low once they've got some basic infrastructure they'd immediately become the new Taiwan or China to outsource your cheap production to. Reconstruction is going to be an absolute nightmare though - if you think how badly absorbing Eastern Germany****ed up the Federal Republics economy and then compare even the GDR's less than stellar industrial record againt the North Korean's complete lack of, they're going to need every penny they can grab. At least it'd give the World Bank and IMF something to do, apparently with the massively rising prices for certain raw materials they're having trouble finding takers for all of their loans.

    In a perfect world I'd like to see the South Koreans invading the North, annexing/reunifying the place and taking all their stuff, keeping the nukes and then pointing them at Beijing just for the sheer comedy value. :)
  10. Sounds like a contingency plan rather than a serious proposition.

    Glad to hear someone will step into the breach, though. SK have been playing nice with cross-border food aid, but they couldn't cope with stabilising the whole country if The ****** In The Platform Shoes folded.

    Besides, I don't think PRC would want to see Korea united under the ROK banner. Too much face lost, doncher know. I just hope nobody this side of the divide gets big ideas.
  11. I don't think it will collapse any time soon, many have predicted that many times and it never happened, why ? because the North Koreans have been taught total obedience and respect for the Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, most of the respect for Kim Il Sung is genuine as he is considered the father of the nation and defeated japan and kicked them out of Korea, which we know is not entirely true, also the Juche Philosphy is an uniquely Korean concept mixing Confuciansim, Communist and Nationalist in one Ideal of self reliance, also they have got through the worst Famine in living memory, they have opened a little introducing controlled Capitlist type economy, they are slowly aware of the rest of the world including South Korea through cultural exchanges.

    In my Opinion, at least the Country is stable only due to the Juche Ideal and Godlike worship of the Leader, when it may well have collapsed long time ago, It is far better that it remains so than the worst case of scenario of total and utter collapse and anarchy with the inevitable blood letting with many settling old scores.

    Unification will not be taking place for a very long time partly due to what happened in East Germany also North Korea will only be a junior partner in such unification, better that the living standard of North Korea rise to match the South to make for an unification of equals.

    The experiences of North Korean refugees have not found South Korea as welcome as they hoped, many are looked down as second class citizens, spoken to like an foreigner, particularly with a Northern accent, there have been clashes in schools where North Korean have been teased and bullied by South Koreans to the point where they all got together and beaten up the Southern Bullies quite badly in 2003, consequently many schools now refuses to accept North Korean pupils, so they had to go to special schools, to complete their education, while many would not go back to DPRK, many did find the South disapointing, this must have filtered back to DPRK to their relatives there, the South Korean have themselves to blame for not accepting the North Refugee as much as they should have, even where the Southern Government have been very generous in helping the Nothern Refugees to adapt to life in the South through classes, Money, Housing, Employment skills unfortunately Southern society have not been as forthcoming.

    This does not bear much hope for future unification, the longer the separation remains, the least likely it is going to happen as they diverge more in Language, Culture, and the old generation with Memories of Old Korea die off, the Young will not feel the same attachment to One Korea.
  12. They already do, Hyundai is using the New Rail link to ship parts to Kaesong Special Economic Area, where it is assembled by local workers for less than the South wages but four time local salary, the finished product is shipped back South.
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    When the kitchen sinks decided to discus tactics with Vietnam in the late 80s I believe the Peoples Army received a slapping but thats a common thread from the Vietnamese.
    If they go into NK again at least the maps north of the 38th Parallel wont have changed!
  14. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    The Sino-Vietnamese War was in the end of 1978 to 1979 and yes, the they took a drumming. I think (not sure on figures) that they suffered as many deaths in that war as the Americans did in their decade plus conflict.

    Again memory is shaky, but I think that the Chinese said that they had invaded to teach Hanoi a lesson for overthrowing the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia (Pol Pot having been an ally of China).
  15. Wot? You mean that they could be hiding nukes inside all these cars just like in the Tom Clancy novel? I'm away to change mine for a Citroen!