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China Military Paper Warns of Armed Confrontation Over Seas

China Military Paper Warns of Armed Confrontation Over Seas

Published: Saturday, 21 Apr 2012 |

China's top military newspaper warned the United States on Saturday that U.S.-Philippine military exercises have fanned risks of armed confrontation over the disputed South China Sea.

The commentary in China's Liberation Army Daily falls short of a formal government statement, but marks the harshest high-level warning yet from Beijing about tensions with the Philippines over disputed seas where both countries have recently sent ships to assert their claims.

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Rhetoric or is it for real?
Bullies being bullies? Mostly just hot air, probably. The usual tactic in a playbook.

One thing for sure: China needs to ****ing understand that it cannot claim anything and everything within the sight of the mainland.

I for one am glad India is there as a (sort of) counterweight.
Nobody familiar with the concept of 'bargaining position'?

The situation is that these islands have no internationally-recognised ownership, only various administering parties. If any of the disputing nations were to allow the others to extend occupation of the islands or control of the seas around them, that would be to give up any bargaining power they currently have - to in effect renounce their claim.

The RoC has just upped its GC and naval presence around Taiping Island because of concerns over Vietnamese incursions for just that same reason.
And the PRC plays a long game: tweaking the nose of the super power is an indicator of growing power and is aimed at the regional, rather than global, audience.

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