China invents panda poo tea

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bullet_catcher, Nov 17, 2011.

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  1. At last! A product to knock civet crap coffee beans off the number one position of silly drinks! Panda droppings could be dropping into your tea cup shortly. Presumably there will be an instant powdered version for the impatient as well as the lumpy stuff for those who can afford to wait a bit longer for their char.

    link here-
    Ty-pooh tea | Orange UK

    (suitable for work, although the tea itself might not be)
  2. I'm assuming they just pop the turds in a box and ship them over?
  3. With the declining panda population the price reflects its limited edition status.
  4. Nah mate, you're thinking of our immigration policy.
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  5. Does a panda shit in a box?


    What kind of ill-considered Chinglish name might they give this marketing challenge? Crouching Dragon, Steaming Twister?
  6. If you want to be reeeeaallly exclusive, I'm selling rocking horse shit tea. You can't find it in the shops.

    Edited to add, the advertising on here is uncanny, we're talking about consuming shit and I just got an ad for Ronan Keating! How does it know?
  7. Mine's for the Army Reserve...
  8. "Ronan Keating touring nationally Jan/Feb, with special guest Sharon Corr".
  9. Christ, I'll give that Panda shit tea a spin. Gotta be better than the insipid Barrys Brew that we get here.

    My ad is for the University of St Andrew.
  10. Bet it tastes like shit
  11. Brooks coffee advert here
  12. I've been getting a heap of ads for the chocos too. Bit late for me. I'm to fat even for them.
  13. This must be what has been served in police canteens for years.
  14. The producer says that it has a 'distinctive aroma' so that's a start.