China gets its own Youtube and Google copycat sites

Someone in China has launched imitation sites of Google and YouTube.
Link to report here.

I have tried and
The youtubecn site seems to have all my favourite youtube clips but without the advertising, and without the profiles of uploaders. It is in English. There was a buffering problem sometimes, easily fixed by moving the slider thingy to the left. is in Chinese, but you can translate it if you have, erm, Google as your home page with the handy translate button.

Not sure if the Great Firewall of China operates on these yet. Also not sure if these sites will dump cunning oriental cookies on my PC. But worth playing with once, just for the novelty, I think.

Edited once because I am an arrse.
I was wondering that as well. Perhaps if we put three red flares up Smartascarrots will come to the rescue. Just a minute, I have a look again and see if I can figure it out.
Clicking the text led to this page which explains all

I cheated, I used Babelfish, God bless them. Their translation says:

Here “the valley elder sister” is not somebody, but is a website. Its foundation reason in the google “the announcement withdrawal” the event, finally, has not waited for the google withdrawal, the Chinese version “the valley elder sister” to draw a charge. Because it “the appearance” resembles the google, is called the village in a mountainous area version google by the net friend, moreover, because it advocates the entertainment supreme spirit, is being liked by more and more net friends. This website contact surface imitation “google” the contact surface, is only “google” LOGO turned “goojje”, the Chinese character “the google” also turned “the valley elder sister”. In addition, this website compared to google also many line of characters: “elder brother's leaving behind is for the elder sister, the elder brother is still being infatuated with the elder sister”, taking advantage of refers to “the google” rightly “the valley elder sister” dependence. In the LOGO following square, inputs any key word, can search the related homepage or the information. What Lei Ren is, has line of characters under the google search's square: “the google search” “the luck at games of chance is good.”Actually turned “Gu in here Jie” “lonely to eliminate”. The spot opens the website, inside including many sectors, like “the valley elder sister information” “the valley elder sister hot spot” “the valley elder sister community” “the valley elder sister votes” and so on. The valley elder sister website's manager slightly dazzled narrated the website origination process. According to slightly dazzles introduced that advocates the plan personnel is a Guangdong Province's warm surname in the school female student, this year has 20 years old. She said that exactly said that “the valley elder sister” the website is not an search engine, is only makes friends the platform, is mainly attracts the national deep love “the valley elder sister” the friends. Slightly dazzled said that founded this website the original intention is amusing, everybody arrived at here, chatted together, makes friends, did not have the matter which temporarily wanted to gain. The article comes the network, the home station not is responsible for its authenticity and the accuracy.
Did somebody press the 'China' button? :D

OK, legal disclaimer time. Chinese characters can have multiple meanings depending on context and I've guessed the most likely meaning in a good many instances. Now that my arrse is covered, here goes. I've added some commentary in red where the translation refers to something not specified in the text and in brackets to help clarify what the phrase refers to.

”My best effort at translation” said:
Goojie is an attempt to counter (poss. ‘eliminate’) the current loneliness (n.b ‘loneliness’ is a current internet meme meaning more like ‘lacking spiritual direction’). Now, these words leap out of the internet as a righteous act of revolution (in China , this is actually a fairly small-c conservative phrase, probably stuck in to set the right tone with the censors).

Here, Goojie is not some individuals, but rather a Web site. It it was founded in response to Google’s threat to pull out (this is a bit of a pun I think, as 退出 also means to log out of a computer session.) This incident resulted (bore fruit) in the Chinese version, Goojie, which was immediately made available.

Because it looks like a pseudo-Google (there’s a character here that I don’t get the purpose of, 酷 which means ‘cool’and also ‘ruthless’), it’s become known by netizens (lit. ‘online friends’) as the (possibly ‘knock-off’, possibly ‘imitation’)-User Edition Google. In addition, because it advocates mental/spiritual entertainment above all else, it is increasingly in the spirit of the netizen.

This imitation Google aims to emulate google, (and so) in Chinese (characters) "Google" has become “Goojie." Furthermore, compared to Google this site returns many more Chinese characters (one of the reasons Google got its arse kicked by Baidu was that it’s translations in Chinese searches were widely thought to be less accurate)
Elder brother's (i.e. Google) is to not let go of elder sister (i.e. Goojie), Elder brother is still in contact with elder sister, (these are in the emphatic sense, rather like an order to Google to remain in China) by means of the similarity between Google and Goojie.
The next bit is just operating instructions like how to enter text, what the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button does, etc.

It gets interesting again at

”My best effort at translation” said:
Goojie’s site administrator, surnamed Xiao, is slightly proud (Chinese prize modesty and the character for pride by itself has connotations of arrogance and crudity) of setting up this website. According to Xiao’s introduction, the main planner is from Guangdong Province, a 20 year old student surnamed Wen. (S)he said that, indeed, Goojie is not a search engine, merely a platform for making friends and is mainly to attract the ardent patriotism of Goojie’s friends.

Xiao said that the original intention of this site is to create fun, we come here, to chat, make friends, and aren’t interested in profit.
It finishes off with a disclaimer that ‘the management is not responsible for the content... yada'.

chamooooone said:
Whats a Valley Sister???
Valley Sister is the software's attempt to translate 'Goojie'.

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