China Get More Savvy

Was reading this on the Beeb News website after looking up info on the Japan quake.

BBC News - China cyber-warfare capability a 'formidable concern'

Basically claims that China are upping their game via intelligence tracking on the 'cyber' side and are probably behind a lot of recent malicious attacks and attempts to gain information, mostly from US sources. The US DNI (a bloke called James Clapper, which is hilarious) is happy to point the finger at China and basically say that it's all their fault.

My issue isn't so much that this is happening - although in fairness I'm not sure of how serious the implications are - my problem is that the US gets up on it's haunches and starts acting all defensive, openly suggesting that China are spying on them and all that. The septics just don't seem to have any common sense when it comes to things like this, especially since China seem to be just happily plugging along and doing their own thing.

I, however, could be talking out of my arrse.


I could write a white paper on the Chinks cyber-crime, and the Russians also, but I can't be arrsed
How outrageous. The Americans are completely trustworthy and don't spy on anyone.
How outrageous. The Americans are completely trustworthy and don't spy on anyone.

I subscribe to the periodical Foreign Affairs not for what it tells me about foreign affairs but for what it tells me about America. It's amazing how little self-criticism there is of US policy in its pages, in that when other nations' (most notable China's and Russia's) preferred course of international action don't chime with the US one their stance is always described with words like 'negative', 'unhelpful' and occasionally 'aggressive'. Never any sense that the US position is 'unhelpful' to them.

As to the OP, if we're not doing the same to them then I want my money back from SIS and GCHQ. If we know what they're really thinking it helps avoid misunderstandings - and the same goes vice versa.