China Flexing it's muscle

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Kitmarlowe, Aug 3, 2010.

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  1. Hmmm... They're getting a little uppity aren't they? Roll on WWIII. Perhaps Hilary 'Huge Cojones' Clinton can persuade Arab-ama to get the US involved from the start in a REAL war this time.
  2. Presumably this (in part) explains with three of the USN's Ohio boats (converted to carry lots of TLAM) recently surfaced in separate parts of the Pacific- all within reach of China...
  3. Why does everyone shit themselves whenever China's Armed forces are mentioned? The Russians in the Cold War were just as communist, more so infact.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Let's get out of Afghanistan and leave them to go doolally tap on China's border together with Pakistan, Burma, North Korea and those fine, upstanding Mongolian Nazis. Hopefully that will keep them busy with a bit of overstretch whilst the West rebuilds its economy.
  5. Have you ever seen Hero - Jet Li? We're all doomed!
  6. I couldn't be arrsed to read the whole article but one i think i got the jist of it and when i comes to China being smart and projecting friendship and influence around the globe to secure the rites to valuable minerals and materials they are way ahead of us, in my opinion. I travelled around Africa last year and Chinese companies were prominent everywhere i went, they were building schools and hospitals, housing for the poor and generally looking like the saviours of Africa and not the raping, cheating imperialist the west is seen as.
  7. They don't have a monopoly on rare earths 'coz those are available in plenty of other countries. They just happened to have been the cheapest supplier for a bit and if we got too dependent on them then that's our own greedy and shortsighted fault.

    It's their resource to do with as they please, same as North Sea oil and gas is ours. Unless anyone's prepared to argue that the means of production should belong to all? No doubt that argument would appeal to some folk in Beijing...
  8. Just like the USSR all over again. Those old enough can cast their brain cell back to the late 60s and early 70s when Ivor and his mates were all over Africa like a dose of syph. I got briefed on who and who not to speak to when I visited the centre of the continent. It's just substituting one big ogre for another.
  9. Oh yes. it's their product to do with as they please.

    BUT. It's damm close to a hostile act when you deliberately engage in practises that force certain industries to either relocate or go out of business. Since the US Armed Forces epitomise Modern High Tech warfare it must seem damm odd to the Pentagon that China is attempting to turn the whole of the South China Seas into their turf, have engaged in ASBM research and now are placing pressure on the High Tech industries that the US Forces depend upon
  10. God I hope we have a Cold war II:The return of the red's........The last 20 year's have been pretty boring.
  11. Lovely.....getting it in the arrse from more superpowers for the next few decades.....Glad to see where Mr AEP stand's.
  12. Shouldn't call it South China Sea then, of course they think it's theirs.
  13. British Forces Siberia? Dont fancy that one much i dont care how pretty and cheap the Russian whores are
  14. Never mind. In forty years or so, all our grandkid's first language will be Mandirin Chinese, and none of this western progress and democracy and invention and medical advances will ever have happened. It will have all been done by Chinese scientists and doctors, and Einstein, Pasteur, Haber and Szilard will never have existed.

    Try reading David Wingrove's "Chung Kuo" quintology. It was sold as science-fiction a while ago now, but I am pretty convinced that was only because the only prophecy books that could be sold were by Nostradamus.

    BTW, once you know what "Chung Kuo" means, you will understand the Chinese mentality perfectly.