China fires economic shot across US bows.

Discussion in 'Economics' started by in_the_cheapseats, Feb 25, 2010.

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  1. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    This is an interesting article. Typical China move. Understated and subtle but with a really sharp knife hidden in the folds.

    Considering how much of the US national debt is now owned by China, the US have got to take notice and be a bit more careful.
  2. "the US have got to take notice and be a bit more careful. "

    Very true, but also the old tale of be owed a $ and it's a Debt,
    Be owed a Billion or a hundred Billion or so and your a Partner.

  3. They had a major wake-up call when the US economy tanked. They'd bought dollar debt because at the time it appeared to be the most stable investment for their humungous trade surplus, but now they've realised the yanks are spending borrowed money like a drunken sailor they're keen to minimise their exposure to the same risk. Less a shot across any bow than a 'fuck me, this is shaky!' moment.

    Japan seems to have been sitting on their pile, I wonder what they think is in it for them?
  4. Plus, police a few months ago Barry seemed to be determined to start a trade war with China over car tyres on behalf of his union buddies, which the Chinese thought double plus ungood
  5. Borrow one dollar from a bank and the bank owns you. Borrow a trillion and you own the bank.
  6. Interesting report.
    China certainly sets the Policy of S.E. Asia, Britain was the Pre WW II Power then we had the Yankee Empire that never was and for so many years Peking has laid down the law down here.
    Massive Chinese communities from the Purges and Civil Wars of China are a big factor.
    The might Mekong is drying up due to Chinese dams and the nations down river have not yet combined to make a mass Protest. How long will Nam's Delta be it's Rice Bowl ?
    China's strength is also it's weakness, massive formations exist to keep the aging population in line and while my friend tells me that his son's graduation from Imperial Collage London was 2/3s Asian graduates, mainly of Chinese descent, this Western educated 'Management' is a cuckoo for the future. "How you going to keep um down on the farm, after they've seen Paree ?"
    Still Jaw Jaw is better then War War.

  7. a little personal background: while I am a septic I am also studying (reading for?) at the University of Oregon for a degree in political science and thus I strive to maintain my objectivity on international affairs avoid the pitfalls of nationalistic chauvinism.

    That being said, In my opinion it would be sheer FCUCKING IDIOCY for the Chinese to dump the trillions of dollars in US debt they currently hold. Doing so would certainly harm the US but someone in the Politburo must have forgotten who their largest trading partner in the world is... Heck, a reporter from the Economist has started to call the US and China Chimerica due to the unprecedented level of interdependency their nation's economy shares with mine.

    Bit like cutting off your nose to spite your face if you ask me...

  8. They have you by the balls, you just haven't grasped it yet. You yanks still think you will be able to stop China taking back Taiwan when China decides to do so, nope, the people who shop at WAL*MART will be up in arms when all those cheap made in China goods they buy by the $Billions dry up. Sure, it will hurt China in the short term, but hate to break it to you, there is a huge emerging market for all those consumer goods that China sells to the USA right on it's doorstep.
  9. That's been a right-wing wet dream in the States for decades. It ain't gonna happen. China IS NOT going to invade ROC any time soon, because they've spent a long, long time organising things so that it's in Taipei's best interest to want closer ties. The Taiwanese economy is being kept afloat by demand from the mainland.

    People, 'Peaceful Rise' isn't just a catchphrase, soundbite or headline. It's not a political slogan to fool the masses. It's the fundamental philosophy underpinning their social and economic plans for the next 50 years. They've bet the future of the CCP on being able to raise the average standard of living in China in that period and they know - know - that they can't achieve that without a stable world economy and an absence of large-scale war.

    Take a look at how close Kinmen is to the PR and ask yourself why, in the last 50 years, they've made no attempt to seize it.
  10. I'm well aware they won't have to sieze it militarily, but the yanks haven't grasped that reality yet. There will be tears before bedtime in the Oval Office the day Taiwan agrees to return to the fold… Not a drop of blood will be spilt, just ink and American will lose all regional influence in the South China Sea - then it's onwards to the Paracels and Spratleys.
  11. The Chinese bought it "fair and square". The Mekhong countries can't really go to the UN after the politicians (who doubtless thought that they would die before it ever came back to bite them) from Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Burma, but NOT Vietnam sold their votes under the table in a consultation for the dam projects that conformed to UN rules.