China Crisis?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by inbredyokel666, Apr 2, 2010.

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  1. Not the sh!te 80's band, the very large communist scary state, and the world's refusal to have a look at it with any sort of realism...well possibly...I dunno, I might just be a bit paranoid.

    They've had an “economic miracle” and made all this money supplying the rest of the world with disposable tat.
    And what have they done with their dosh? Invested it in welfare? Public Works? Education?
    Have they b0llocks!
    They're going b4lls out to get their hands on high end western military tech They've shoved the better part of their money into the armed forces, and at current rate of growth they'll be a match for the west in the next two decades.
    Seeing what they've done in Tibet, and what happens to their own people when they stand up to them, I'll hopefully be pushing up daisies when they finish their modernisation of their armed forces.

    Nobody in power anywhere in the west dares raise a voice to question the motivations of this lot, and I was wondering if anybody brighter than me had any thoughts.
  2. As you say - look at it through their eyes. They are investing in bringing their forces up to a size commensurate with their standing and GDP. They are not completely modernising and, with the exception of Africa, are finding it hard to spend their readies on anything meaningful because no-one will sell them much of import (hence their buying up dodgy car brands when they fail etc)
  3. Volvo is dodgy :?
  4. Rover wasn't? :?
  5. From the SCMP:

  6. The bloated Hummer of the chattering classes.

    I don't know what anyone would have against the Chinese. They are very kindly holding DC's ballooning deficit as the dollar plummets. A very large part of the US industrial base has been off-shored there slashing labor costs and driving blue collar Americans onto the breadline thus making the top couple of deciles in the US as rich as Croesus. Their dirt cheap products wall Walmart and litter the eagerly consuming debt ridden trailer parks. This decade Beijing's been busily buying up all the choice bits of Africa and S.America while Uncle Sam distracted himself in minor Middle Eastern countries.

    While delivering the odd lecture to a spendthrift, tax adverse DC and a socialized kleptocratic Wallstreet on fiscal responsibility they haven't even demanded Taiwan back... yet.
  7. So what if the Chinese are building up their military. It's not as if we're going to wake up one fine morning, turn on the telly, and see the PLA parading down Whitehall.

    And if the PLAN does go on the rampage in the Pacific, what are we going to do? Send a frigate?
  8. That's easy for you to say . . .
  9. I think that was his point... we've not a lot left in the kitty.
  10. but their food is soooooooo delicious and you get to want another an hour later mmmmmmmmmmmmm quality!
  11. I've worked in China for over 4 years teaching them to operate modern power plants and I don't think the west has anything to fear from them. In my time there I never met any real communists, every damn one of them is a capitalist at heart and have the same hopes and goals as we have. The local Chinese people have never had it so good and they'll tell you that quite openly, without fear of reprisals. It's not the military side we have to watch it's the economic, they're not frightened to get their fingers out and asses into gear and work to improve their lot. More multi millionaires and Billionaires in China now than in many western countries.

    Plus the chinese tarts are great and don't have a problem shagging us cos they think we all have big cocks!

    If you ever get the chance, take a trip to HK and take the ferry across the water to Shenzen or Shekou and party, party party. Last time I was there, about £60 got me a 4-5 star hotel for the night, meals for 4, a damn good drink and company all night for as long as you wanted it!! I'll work there in a minute, even take a big drop in wages to go back.

  12. Younger members will at this point realise the point of the adage;
    Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted.

    Sounds similar to the stories of East Berlin.
  13. Secretly, you're hoping for WWIII, just like the rest of us.
  14. 'That's easy for you to say . . .'

    (Facepalm) ... Talk about missing the point. Do you sign your name with a crayon or something?