China Crafts Cyberweapons

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, May 28, 2007.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    The People's Liberation Army (PLA) continues to build cyberwarfare units and develop viruses to attack enemy computer systems as part of its information-warfare strategy, the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) warned in a report released on Friday.,132284-pg,1/article.html(News)

    Not to worry, we have LIAG(V):

  2. Did they just conduct the Cyberwarrior Phase 1 training final exercise on the JPA system then?
  3. Current instability in Estonia is blamed on Russia (be it state or non-state actors) - who have taken down most of the e-government sites over there in protest at the Estonians decision to relocate a memorial to Soviet soldiers.

    This capability would seem to be being developed as a means of allowing nations to "express discontent" without military or economic action, and in a (relatively) deniable way.
  4. :)
    I remember a story about a small company network that got rooted by a skilled cracker, when the company called in an expert to help them the expert concluded that the cracker was doing a better job of maintaining their systems than their own admin and the company network was, as a result, performing better than ever! :D
  5. Here's a disturbing area of vulnerability: web-connected programmable logic devices controlling safety-critical systems at nuclear generating stations.

    "Data storm" blamed for nuclear-plant shutdown
    Robert Lemos, SecurityFocus 2007-05-18
  6. It's a fool who connects something that critical to the web in the first place.
  7. And what exactly do LIAG do in terms of CND?

    Sod all-that's the answer...
  8. I remember an Economist article years back now where I first heard of 'logic bombs'. Allegedly, some viruses are Chinese 'live-fire' exercises...
  9. Just finished reading about the incident. It's inconclusive what exactly happened but I was a little worried about this bit:
    Taken from the NRC letter about the incident to the Dept. of Homeland security:
    I know hindsights a wonderful thing but surely that's a tad late! :roll:
  10. So this is proof that Star Trek is real :roll:
  11. JPA Has gone down here start of the invasion?!?
  12. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    I have always worried about cyber-warfare.

    My fears were given full visibility when I joined ARRSE, and found my PC bombarded with sh1t.

    Are the COs actually Chinese cyber-warriors? Was The Lord Flasheart actually Fu Kyew in disguise? Will my firewall cope?

    Or is the Interweb bigger than its designers intended? We should all be VERY aware ...
  13. Taken From MI5 website:
    We all get security training with regards to the primary terrorist threat but when it comes to espionage, especially on the internet, there seems to be none.
    Common sense is just presumed (wrongly) to be enough.
    I cleaned a toms laptop the other day which was fully trojaned up, I found the text file the keylogger was dumping to and showed him all his crap passwords, needless to say he was a bit shocked :pale:
    This wasn't a stupid guy, he held a DV and worked in a special role.
    Is it time we introduced IT security training for all personnel?
    Maybe wee jimmy mouse-mats with "you don't need admin rights to surf for porn" etc would get the message through :D
  14. Except they weren't 'web-connected', there is a difference between networked and web-based. All it means is that an ethernet unit failed so they weren't able to remotely control (from on-site!) a PLC, so they manually closed a system down. Nor does it suggest that the other functions of the PLC (such as the monitoring of the controlled system) were affected. It obviously wasn't 'safety-critical' because those type of systems are generally hardwired or use safety-rated PLCs (essectially three PLCs in the same box with majority voting).
  15. Bit rich that, coming from MI5. Those nasty foreigners. It's just not cricket. Are we to assume that we don't have our own people in MI6 'operating to some degree against non-UK interests'?