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China Confirms Missile Test

BBC News

China has confirmed that it shot down a weather satellite with a ballistic missile.

China has confirmed it carried out a test that destroyed a satellite, in a move that caused international alarm. Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao said a test had been carried out but insisted China was committed to the "peaceful development of outer space".

The US backed reports last week that China had used a ground-based medium-range ballistic missile to destroy a weather satellite.

It was the first known satellite intercept test for more than 20 years.

Several countries, including Japan, Australia and the US, have expressed concern at the test, amid worries it could trigger a space arms race.

The start of a new arms race or an important military statement from China that it can now threaten the US's surveillance satellites? Just how important is this capability and what does it say about China's military technological advancement?

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