China bad mmkay. We don't want Google to work on this mmmkay. Thanks, GOOG employees

Tencent is one of the world's largest Internet technology conglomerates, with a focus on social media and games. See my post above for their global rankings:

However, they're also one of the world's biggest companies overall, with investments around the world. They are often compared to Softbank, who are a very large Japanese technology company who invest in lots of different things in the hopes that a few of them will pay off big. Google has a similar investment strategy. Some investors have been criticising them over their lack of focus.

Tencent aren't well known in the US because they aren't an American company. The American media industry are very inward looking and American focused and seem to be baffled over the concept of big companies who aren't American and whose native language isn't English.

To give some examples of well known western companies Tencent own a piece of, here's a partial list:
  • Snap (Snapchat social media platform)
  • Spotify (music streaming)
  • Tesla (electric cars)
  • Uber ("ride sharing" taxi dispatch)
  • Discord (voice and text chat used by gamers)
  • Activision Blizzard (computer game maker, with titles such as Call of Duty)
They also own pieces of lots of social media, e-commerce, electric vehicle, consumer robotics, and "ride sharing" companies in China, Indonesia, India, and other fast growing parts of Asia.

If they have invested in Reddit, it is most likely just another one of their large portfolio of similar investments and is intended to make money. Any fuss being made over this by the American or Australian press is a reflection of how little the journalists in those countries know about the world outside their own little circle of English language contacts in their own countries.


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Clearly Google Translate isn't up to handling what you've said, it translated it as:

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Unless, of course, you're on something stronger than beer?
Save the river crabs! Death to the Imperialist running-dog lackey mud horse! :)


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