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China asks old imperialists: got any old china?

Where did your Grandfather and Great Grandfather Soldier?

BRITONS whose ancestors lived in the Far East have been urged to “look in the attic” for forgotten souvenirs as prices of antique Chinese porcelain soar to new records.

Many works of art were looted by soldiers or bought for a song by colonial administrators after China’s defeats in its wars with foreign powers.

“Do tell your readers to look in the attic,” said Pola Antebi, head of the Chinese ceramics and works of art department at Christie’s.

“We have a good example in the jar sold in London for a world record price in 2005. This was bought by a Dutch diplomat in Beijing in the 1920s and went to Holland. In the 1970s it was listed as a Ming dynasty item and valued at £1,000 but was later identified as from the older Yuan dynasty. It sold for more than £15m.”

Thousands of such pieces, most of them of minor value, were brought home from the British treaty ports in China by Britons who served the empire in trade, the forces and the diplomatic service.

Prices are rising because rich Chinese want to buy back their nation’s heritage. There are an estimated 170,000 dollar millionaires just in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan who are now being joined by wealthy mainland Chinese.

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French, Germans, Italians and Americans units were all active in China for many years as well - start looking.

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