China - and the dangerous drift to war in Asia

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sunnoficarus, Mar 25, 2013.

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  1. The same way the UK government thinks it has a claim to the EEZs of uninhabited islands a hemisphere away.

    You'll notice that none of the disputing nations whose claims depend on marginal distinctions between rocks, islands and islets have changed their claims in any way as a result of the Philippines UNCLOS case - not even the Filipinos themselves.
  2. From what I understand about China's claim, the map is wrong. The line doesn't represent China's claim to territorial waters. Rather, they are saying that whatever claims they do have are somewhere within that line. The claims encompass things such as ownership of individual islands, fishing rights, etc. etc. Defining the details of what the claims actually are is something they will only do via bilateral negotiations with each country which feels they have a counter-claim on something that lies within that line.

    You could probably more usefully reverse that description to say that they are not claiming anything in the region which lies outside that line. What is inside the line however is what they feel is open for discussion.
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  3. They haven't scrapped it nor are there any plans to scrap it. It's going to run its course and expire on schedule.

    They were telling the UK to keep to the bit that says Hong Kong isn't a British colony anymore.
  4. Interesting bit of video here of the PLAN conducting flight operations from the deck of the Liaoning:

    It is quite long and the commentary is in Chinese, but pretty good nonetheless.
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  5. Thanks, I enjoyed that. And I hope that Britain will be able to do that too one day.
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  6. Paging Magic Mushroom, Magic Mushroom to the thread.
  7. What? Have the Landing Signals Officer talk down recovering aircraft in Chinese? :confused:
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  8. Those J-15's are just enormous
  9. The airframe is basically an Su-33.
  10. Here is a list of major Chinese ships currently under construction or on sea trial.

    1 X Type 001A Carrier Fitting Out

    1 X Type 071 LPD Fitting Out

    1 X Type 901 Replenishment Ship On Sea Trial
    1 X Type 901 Replenishment Ship Fitting Out

    1 X 055 Destroyer Fitting Out
    3 X 055 Destroyers Under Construction

    4 x 052D Destroyers On Sea Trial
    4 X 052D Destroyers Fitting Out

    2 X 054A Frigates Fitting Out
    1 X 054A Frigate under Construction

    2 X 056 Corvettes On Sea Trial
    6 x 056 Corvettes Under Construction

    An unknown number of submarines are also under construction
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  11. Xi says China navy to join U.S.-led 2018 Pacific Rim drill: Xinhua
    Interesting times:
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