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China - and the dangerous drift to war in Asia

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sunnoficarus, Mar 25, 2013.

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  1. So far as I know, the prime example in this century or the last of annexing territory based on irredentist principles or pure colonialism is Russia. Parts of Finland, the Baltic states, Kaliningrad, eastern Poland, the Kuriles and Crimea. Possibly transnistria and South Ossetia. Missing anything?
    China does seem to have a firm line in ensuring a cultural (not sure ethnic is a good description of Han) settling of all territory under their control which might be a kind of internal colonialism.
  2. As Tanzania’s largest investors ( Tanganyika ceased to be some time ago) I have a feeling they may have opened up a tad more than sausages.
    China Emerges Tanzania’s Major Investor - Ventures Africa
    Your facts are sometimes a little off my old China.
  3. So no sausages? Exactly.
  4. Biggest complaint in Africa is the habit Chinese companies seem to have of winning a contract, then importing most of the labour from China (and the security). If it's an infrastructure project, there might be local benefit, but often with industry and mining the cries of colonialism are heard.
  5. And the curious habit of then intermarrying with the local population.
    As Lap Cheong and rice is a staple dish for workers it is highly unlikely that they are not locally made with the numbers of Chinese workers in Tanzania.
  6. Perhaps Nigel Farrage should offer his consulting services in Africa.
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  7. How does Israel rank in all this, and what measures do you think we should take with respect to them?
  8. All depends on what you mean and what you're angling at, doesn't it?
    In terms of percentage increase of territory, quite high. About as high as the potential state that once wanted to eradicate it would have if the fortunes of war had gone the other way.
    In terms of actual ground, bit of a blip, really. Especially after handing back the Sinai.
    Also serves as a future warning for those who follow such paths as, given demographics and the failure to either fully relinquish the un-annexed occupied territories or fully eject the population thereof, Israel is unlikely to be a Jewish majority state for many more decades.
    Now, given that I made no suggestions as to what should happen to Russia, I don't see why I should suggest any measures towards Israel. This is your circus and these are your monkeys.
    What do you suggest we do to both?
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  9. As you made a broad statement about several countries in Asia, it was natural to ask about yet another well known case in Asia. As for asking about your recommendations, well we are discussing events in Asia so it seemed relevant to see if you had any general suggestions as to what should be done about all of them.

    It was your post I was replying to.

    Perhaps we should start with making up our minds as to whether to base our responses on principle or self interest. We seem to get the two concepts confused at times.
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  10. No. That's all stuff and nonsense.
    We may have been talking about several countries in Asia, but you decided to take it outside of Asia.
    Your assumption was that by bringing up Israel, you would produce an example that I would be uncomfortable with.
    You have no idea what my opinion on Israel is, and indeed made an error in your assumption, but I decided to be coy because you were just so obvious.

    It wasn't relevant to ask what I think should be done because, I repeat, I made no suggestions about remedying events that occurred over a period of more than 70 years.
    Again, you were looking to score a point based on your erroneous assumptions.
    I infer that you were trying to play down my references to Russia by the age old ploy of "what-aboutism", complete with, may I hazard a guess, the inevitable irony that the "what-about" is in fact, a situation you probably disapprove of while wanting to excuse the situation I implicitly decried?
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