China - and the dangerous drift to war in Asia

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sunnoficarus, Mar 25, 2013.

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  1. China is a particularly nasty and vicious Fascist state, but they're patient. With their near-slave labour force and increasing control of global manufacturing and transport, they will in the end dominate without the need for major war.
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  2. IMO, they're misreading the signals coming out of Washington and Tokyo.
    Assuming the Americans won't fight because they are in the eonomic pooh is a dangerous assumption.
  3. Old Soviet joke, short version. "One the first day we advanced 80Km and captured 2 million POW. On day two we advanced another 160 Km and captured 10 million POW. On day 3 we advanced 240 Km and captured 67 million POW. At 3.30 on Day 4 we surrendered to the 500 million POW....."
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  4. Well, the Telegraph has to have something to hang their fanatical attachment to aircraft carriers on. Otherwise they'd have to admit they were a waste of money we can I'll afford to spend.
  5. I don't believe that China poses a significant offensive threat. They are however incredibly defensive about what they believe is sovereign territory - Taiwan and the Diaoyu islands in particular. So long as they are left alone I don't believe they pose any threat to regional stability- war gets in the way of economic growth, it's Navy is shite and it lacks the ability to project its military might beyond its borders.

    India on the other hand has an enormous coastline, poor relationships with its immediate neighbours and lacks the patience of the Chinese. Long term I think they are more of a threat.
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  6. Correct, what they are acquiring like gangbusters is an area denial capability. They intend to drive the USN freedom of movement of of what they regard as their AOA's in the Eastern Pacific and South china Sea, areas with massive potential for resources.

    The next war will be fought over EEZ's.
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  7. If china gets uppity QE, POW and De Gaulle might be the only ones left. Then it will be the septics moaning on about can "n" trap.
  8. If you look at the disposition of US military bases in the region it is quite clear that it is the US who is doing the surrounding. Much of China's maritime interest in the region is in securing its trade routes, and not necessarily in being particularly aggressive towards other nations. As it reinvents the Silk route, and builds bridges with its continental neighbours some of the pressure it feels off its coast may diminish. So long as the US don't start blackmailing those countries who host its military in to blocking Chinese western economic expansion.

    Ironically issues such as North Korea actually improve US/China relations, as they are forced in to the very rare position of negotiating over a third party. Finding common ground here on these larger issues encourages mutual understanding and illustrates that both sides can compromise on issues of global importance.
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    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Great thread - upsets Earth, Domovoy and the CVF Hezbollah before we've reached the bottom of page one.
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  10. So the PLAN need to push back the Navy of its biggest market to protect its SLOCS?
  11. Unfortunatly there is a massive lack of foriegn affairs experience at the heart of chinese which is a tad worrying when they are rattaling sabers.
    We saw what happened in 1982 when an inexperianced goverment got into troube over some islands regardless of what the professionals said :(
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  12. Dont under estimate the tensions (and troop deployments) in the disputed Indian Provinces of Assam.......

    They other imponderable is they reaction of China if Pakistan got extreme fundamentalist after the Return of the Taliban (yes China share a border with Pakistan)
  13. That is changing now mate. They are investing heavily in language skills amongst its diplomatic staff, promoting Confucius Institutes in even the most flea-bitten countries and generally learning to engage with the international diplomatic community. Tie that cultural empathy with a policy of non-intervention and all of a sudden a lot of people are finding a friend in China.

    The sabre rattling is defensive. I would say Japanese nationalism and cornered leadership is more offensively hostile than China's wish to protect its territory (and maintain the Party's position of power).
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  14. Any war between the US/UK and China would go nuclear before you could say 'three pancake rolls and two helpings of prawn toast, John', so aircraft carriers are beside the point in this scenario.