China and Israel: New Best Friends?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by LankyPullThrough, Jan 15, 2007.

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  1. From the current print edition of The Economist (p49):

    'Israel, too, courts China because of its potential influence (in the Middle East). China shares its distaste for Islamic militancy. And despite China's close ties with Arab countries and Iran, Israel (to America's chagrin) sees China as an important market for its military industries. Last week China unveiled a new home-built advanced fighter jet, the Jian-10. Western military experts believe it incorporats Israeli (as well as Russian) technology.'

    Sorry, don't have a hyperlink. Is Israel hedging its long-term bets????
  2. Israel will go with whatever satisfies its lust for innocent blood.
  3. Would Israel not court the Devil himself if he was allied against her enimies?
  4. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Interesting edition this week, also a great article on Jews in the diaspora and their changing attitudes toward Israel (p.53). Can't really see China cuddling up to Israel myself (especially in light of changing attitudes within the Diaspora), no reason for it, many reasons not to.

    Mind you from close proximity comes knowledge....
  5. One of my early posts on this board I said I don't like Arabs or the Mid East View on Islam. This was post 9-10 years working in Mid East.
    I also said I was not very fond of Israels.
    Still not a couple of years later.
    Arab tourists are a pain in the rectum, they do not know how to fit in, in a wester cuntry.
    Israels have no intention of even trying to fit in and have introduce a new dimension to Pig ignorant.
    The Chinese will smile and bow and take and then continue doing what they have always done, regardless of who's in Power, Continue promoting Chinese intrests.
  6. Sven has much better arguments than you - at least they are logical and well thought out.

    There you go again, condemning entire nations. Did you mean the Israeli Government is carrying out its Prime Function of preserving the Nation State by means that I (thats you!!) do not consider legally or morally justified? Or did all the Israelis get together and decide - Fcuk it Shlomo I have this lust for innocent blood?

    Are you angry inside?Does it hurt Diddums? :meditate:
  7. Israel has had a very close relationship with China in regards to technology for over fifteen years, it frequently sells the PLA US tech, including AWACS blueprints. Most of the Jian-10's avionics are Israeli influenced. Israelis attitude to China is immensely positive (killing Chinese Peacekeepers aside), its sees China a genuine opportunity on all levels, China regards Israel as a ‘white, western and modern’ (Chinese are seriously racist when it comes to Arabs etc) who will sell China military technology that the US, Russia and the EU will not. Thus its occasionally murder of Chinese Soldiers can be forgiven (in return for a bundle of Yankee blueprints).
  8. The Chinese are very pragmatic. Let's analyse why Israel is so interesting for them.

  9. Have I missed this attack on Chinese peacekeepers? I take it these are in Southern Lebanon?

    Does anyone have a link to this if it is so - thanks in advance
  10. This is just the usual realpolitik that every state that fancies itself as influential on the world stage gets up to - Britain included. But I suppose that because it involves Jews and the new-improved yellow peril, certain kinds of people will read what they like into it.
  11. Go to Google. Type "chinese UNIFIL casualties" and see what pops up.
  12. Good God Rickshaw . . . have you gone mad. SVEN and French Person have no comparison. French person has not to my knowledge attempted to justify his moronic post.

    In case I'm living in cloud cuckoo land, isn't most of the manufacturing of western goods, both US and Europe's done in China? Are we in the west not investing billions in China as I type this?

    So Israel sees the writing on the wall from the US apologists for Arab aggressions. They maybe see that despite 9/11, 7/7 and all the rest of the attacks against the west that the good ol' USof A might cut them loose as a sop to the Arabs.

    Israel is a small country with bugger all resources and without US funds and backing is seriously at risk of getting attacked yet again by its neighbours.

    All those muppets out there who complain of Israeli aggression too easily forget the Yom Kippur war, the 6 day war. The wish of the Iranian gummint to wipe them off the face of the planet.

    Israel is doing the best thing it can in the face of this. Despite giving back the land they rightfully won (including the Sinai) after being attacked by three countries simultaneously, and building a 'Peace' wall after giving yet more land back, they are still getting attacked with suicide bombs and are still threatened with destruction.

    Their position and country is under threat from other countries who see it as a long term objective to remove them from the land which belonged to them in biblical times. Nothing short of the total destruction of Israel will satisfy the Arabs.

    They are doing what is necessary to ensure the survival of their people and country. We would do the same.
  13. Its the Yiddisher Panzer March North! War Sven, a few months ago. But not the first time they have done it.