Chin ups

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by techitch, Feb 28, 2007.

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  1. Alright. Just wondered if anyone knew of any exercises etc that can improve your chin ups except the obvious one of "do more chin ups". I have good upper body strength but having trouble with my chin ups any help would be much appreciated. ta
  2. Well if you have access to a gym use the lat pulldown, that should improve chin-ups.

  3. Do supported chip ups, but unfortunatly it is a case of do more.

    Get one of the bars from Argos to go in your door, they if you do a couple every time you go through it, it builds up and works. It is harder to do it on one of these than the Gym test bar, thus you can end up suprising yourself a bit if you work at it.

  4. Another good method is to do pyramids ie:

    1, rest, 2, rest, 3, rest, 4, rest, 5, rest, 4, rest, 3, rest, 2, rest, 1. Total of 25 reps!

    Once a month do a max effort to see how much you have improved.

    I find adopting a similar priniciple for any new exercise has helped me improve, just alter the number of reps as appropriate.
  5. Try doing three sets, with the first set being say 50% of your max amount the next being 75% of your maximum amount and then do the final set to failiure (i.e, until you can do no more), give yourself few few days in between doing this in order for your muscles to recover. Also, try doing chins with your palms facing out occasionally too, these are harder than the palms in and you will find that when you have been doing them for a while the palms in type will be easier.
  6. At the moment as i've just started getting myself fit. I do mine on the pull/chin up equipment with help from the knee seat at 30kg and do sets of 15 and then on the Sunday when i go i do them without the help and see how many i can do. But i only do pull ups (palm facing away from you). I seem to be able to do chin ups easily lol.
  7. hi quick question got my fitness test the end of march at adsc and just in the gym today and got told off for doing pull ups palms facing me 1)because he said its palms facing out at selection 2)it looked too easy for me and if i do them the other way palms out ill get better at the other way. does anyone know what the technique is at adsc??
  8. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    At my age my problem is the chins down :headbang:
  9. They are chin-ups (or heaves at ADSC), so that is palms facing you.

  10. The heaves at ADSC are easier than doing them on a steel bar, the wood beam supports your wrists thus enabling you to do a few more
  11. I had problems with the heaves at the beginning too. As deadly homer mentioned if you have access to a gym lat pulldowns will help. Also try some negative chin ups. Basically this involves pulling yourself up once and slowly letting yourself down over 30-45 seconds. This really helped me and you see results quite quickly.
  12. stick a bar on your doorframe

    only let yaself in your room once you've banged at least 5 out
  13. The ladder method is the one I have found to be best as it allows you to do a lot more reps than normal but without killing you, therefore you can do more the next day! :)
  14. As anyone got any ideas of how i can do them, im 6' 2" and the doorways are way to small for me to do them in
  15. Bend you knees.