Chin ups

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by hardcore92, Feb 7, 2010.

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  1. hey was just wondering if anybody had some good methods of improving chin ups. I can do 5 but need to be getting over 10 atleast and I'm hoping to do this within a month if it is possible. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Is there any chance that I can reach 10 chin ups in a month??
  3. Try the Gravitron at your local gym; you kneel on a platform which is connected to a weight-stack. You select how much weight you want to counter-balance the platform, so when you begin the Chin -up/Pull-Up, the weight helps you.

    The Gravitron is the only machine where you progressively use LESS weight as you get stronger. A useful piece of kit, and most gyms have a machine like this.
  4. Good tips so far but you could also try doing as many as you can unaided then continue by jumping up to assist the lifting phase and then lower your self as slowly as you can and repeat to a total of 12 reps. Do three or four sets (90 secs+ rest inbetween) every other day for the month and providing you're eating correctly and warming up and down you will probably be thereabouts. Try taking the same approach with dips as a superset between exercises for maximum benefit and a balanced approach. No swinging about on either exercise though.
  5. Similar questions have been asked here before, so you might find those useful to check out.

    The above are correct, just keep working on them. However, some gains may be seen if you spend some time concentrating on the different muscle groups used in a pull up. The specifics vary depending on the type (under-arm grip/ over-arm grip/ closed/open etc.) but generally it's your upper back/ lats and your biceps.

    If you've access to a gym or even just some weights, then with the help of google you should be able to come up with a range of exercises to help you. Biceps is obvious, for your back try seated or bent-over rows and lat pull-downs.
    If you take a break from the pull-ups and work on these muscles you should notice a marked improvement when you come back to them.

    As a side note, check your technique is correct. It's not exactly complex gymnastics but it can make a difference. Again, google will turn up plenty of preachers on this topic.

    Hope this is of some help and best of luck.

  6. Thats a good tip for a lot of muscle training. Taking a bicept curl as an example, a lot of people (myself included at times) can be guilty of lifting a weight towards their face before very quickly going back to the starting position but by doing this you're pretty much wasting half the movements potential. By slowly lowering against gravity the same muscles that pull the weight towards your face are still working, except on the way down they work ecentrically to stop the weight dropping as fast as gravity can pull it. The same applies with pull ups. Need to be careful though, eccentric (muscle getting longer) loads actually put a greater stress on the muscle than concentric (muscle getting shorter) ones so there is potentially an increased risk of injuring yourself. Pull ups would be fine but if you're using weights and you're not used to working both ways it'd maybe be a good idea to drop a little bit of weight until you get used to it, you wont be sacraficing results
  7. practice practice and more practice
  8. and why would you need to do 10?? if its for selection u dont need that many.
  9. A good one is called Pressups and Chinups Ladder.

    Do 10 good quality pressups then straight up onto the bar and perform max effort chinups.

    Do 9 good quality pressups and max effort chinups again, carry ths on till your down to 5 pressups and work your way up again. Overloads your muscles very quickly and you will feel the intensity of the exercise almost straight away
  10. If you can do 5 try and do 6 then 5 then 4 then 3 then 2 then 1 back up 1 then 2 then 3 then 4 then 5 than 6 do this 3 times per session and keep at it always trying to do one more than last time. you will come on leaps and bouds in no time

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